4 Must-Follow Rules to Use Facebook Messenger 

When Messenger became popular, many tools that automate conversations appeared, such as ManyChat and ChatFuel. When used correctly, they can work extremely well. Unfortunately, there have been many businesses that have used these Bots in the wrong way. Sending promotional information by the numbers and transforming Messenger into an annoying salesman.  

Facebook has placed new rules for Messenger, especially with Bots. These new policies came into effect this past July 31, 2019, and you need to understand them. Facebook could close your account if you don’t comply, so take a few minutes to review the information below.   

People Must Contact You First!  

The main rule of Messenger on Facebook is that a person must contact your business via messenger for you to contact them. For someone to start a conversation with your company, a prospect must do any of the following:  

  • Send a message to a company.  
  • Initiating a conversation by clicking on the messenger button on the company’s Page.  
  • Initiating a conversation by interacting with a Bot plugin where it indicates “Send Message” or selecting the subscribe to bot checkbox.  
  • Starting the conversation when interacting with an ad with the target “Messenger”.  

The 24 + 1 Rule  

If a prospect has contacted you, you have 24 hours to respond with a message (It can be promotional, in which you directly offer a product or service) or non-promotional (just continue the conversation).  

After 24 hours you have one more opportunity to send a promotional or non-promotional message to your prospects. The good news is that if they respond to any of these messages, the 24-hour time limit will start again.  

Standard Messages vs. Subscription Messages  

Standard Messages  

These are messages that you can only send within 24 hours or the +1 which is the additional follow-up message that you can send after 24 hours.  

These messages can be promotional or non-promotional (keep in mind that people contacted you first).  

Subscription Messages  

This option is given to you by Facebook to contact people at any time, without having to do it within the first 24 hours.  

“Messages subject to subscription can only be used in specific use cases. Companies and developers should indicate the use case that applies to the experience they offer when submitting their request for integration with the Messenger platform.”


Advertising messages  

If you have a Bot, you have a list of subscribers to it and you have already “spent” your chance to contact these people, either by doing it within 24 hours or by using the follow-up message (+1), it does not mean that you have already lost all this valuable database. Facebook gives you the option to contact them directly with promotional messages if you want to keep using their advertising platform.  

I hope these 4 rules help you keep your business Facebook Messenger up to date and avoid any mistakes. Remember to follow our blog, comment, and share. I’ll write to you soon! 

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