5 Essential Formulas to Create Unforgettable Heading for Your Landing Pages

After working for long hours, you find yourself with a landing page that looks and feels like it’s ready to go. You publish it and, then … nothing happens. Visitors seem to be there, but they aren’t taking any actions. What’s going on? After years of working with several clients, we’ve found that most of the time their heading isn’t strong enough. Headings are an important factor in every piece of content. There’s an estimate that only 80% of people will read your heading more than the content itself! 

“5 times as many people read the headline as read the body copy.”

David Ogilvy

Your heading has one important job and it’s to capture your audience’s attention and entice them to stay on the page. It’s important to know your customers well and emphasize their problems. So, pay close attention to the following deal-breakers. They might help you optimize your landing page’s performance.

Let’s start with 3 important rules you must consider when writing down your heading: clarity, relevance, and empathy. 


Get right to the point and connect with the visitor as soon as they land on the page.


If your ad says, “free trial” and your landing page heading doesn’t mention a trial at all, then you can bet your visitors will bounce out of confusion or disappointment.


You need to make your audience feel that you understand their problem and that you have the answer to solve it. 

Here are some additional tips to help you optimize your landing page heading. These pointers will help you make more attractive and catchy headings.

  • Use numbers in your heading
    Before: Ways to buy a used car.
    After: 10 ways to buy a used car.
  • Add an attractive adjective.
    Before: 10 ways to buy a used car.
    After: 10 easy ways to buy a used car.
  • Use call-to-action words
    Before: 10 easy ways to buy a used car.
    After: Register now to access 10 easy ways to buy a used car.

  • Focus on the “who’s” not the “why’s”
    “15 Brilliant Brands Who Are Killing It on Snapchat,” for example.
    In addition to these tips, here are a few formulas that will help you build memorable headlines.

The 5 formulas!

  1. Benefit/Pain Point + How You Solve the problem+ The Hook
    Example: Reduce everyday stress at work in 3 weeks with our yoga-to-go program!
  2. It’s better to be straightforward than creative when it comes to generation conversions.
    From: Why aren’t you increasing conversions?
    To: Increase conversions by 25% with our proven digital formulas.
  3. “How to” headlines are very effective. They focus on solving a real problem for your audience.
    How to write 6 headings that will have your customers stuck to their screens!
  4. Agitate on the problem.
    “Tired of [Annoying Problem X]?”
    “Don’t You Hate [X, Y, Z]?”
    “[X] is the Worst!”
    This will help you empathize with your customer even more!
  5. Positive Value Proposition
    Sometimes is better to stay in a good mood. Try to avoid negative words and lay out your solution in plain English.
    “Say Hello to [X + Y Benefit]”. Or simply, “Achieve [X, Y, Z].”

There you have it! Now you can start practicing and building headings that lead to conversion. If you still feel you need a helping hand with your landing pages, no problem! Click here to know more about our Website Services.

See you soon!

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