How to Grow on TikTok in 2022 

TikTok is skyrocketing and businesses and users are well aware of that! 

So, how do you come up with a brilliant plan to grow your follower count?  

Although there’s no secret recipe to blast-off to TikTok greatness there are several best practices that will help you get there eventually.  

Most TikTok users and marketers will agree that you need to pay close attention to some essential things.  
  1. Identify your target audience 
  1. Research the content that your ideal buyer is consuming 
  1. Adapt your message to the platform  
  1. Elaborate a communication plan 
  1. Organize your ideas in a content calendar 
  1. Be consistent  
  1. Jump on trends and be creative 
  1. Try to give your personal touch to your content 
  1. Keep your content simple and attention-grabbing 
  1. Be social and engage with others 

Let’s talk about each of these elements 

Identify your target audience 

This element is crucial if you want to use TikTok as a tool to grow your business. Every marketing or business plan starts by pointing out their ideal customer and identifying their pain points and challenges. Learn more about identifying your target audience by clicking here.  

Research the content your ideal buyer is consuming 

Once you select a niche, study the type of content they like to see in the platform. Type in your industry in the discovery search bar of the platform and browse through the content. Identify trending topics, how are brands communicating with their audience, what sounds do they use, how do they present their products and services, etc.  

Adapt your message to the platform 

Even if you’re a law firm or a, TikTok is a social media platform that embraces freedom of speech, creativity, and entertaining content. However, this doesn’t mean you have to compromise your brand identity. Try and brainstorm a way to jump into the platform’s personality without losing your brand identity.  

Elaborate a communication plan 

You’ll need to establish your line of communication. For example, divide your marketing message in four categories:  

A) Products and Services 

B) Benefits 

C) Industry news 

D) Trending or entertaining content 

E) Client’s Testimonials 

A simple outline like this will allow you to identify the content you’ll need to create on a regular basis.  

Organize your ideas in a content calendar 

Once you selected your line of communication, write them off in a calendar. So, you’ll have a better visualization of what you need to create. Don’t worry about the right times to post, there’s some debate if that’s even accurate. Besides, you need to analyze what working first before stablishing a strict time to post your content.  

Publish consistently 

However, it’s true that you need to post regularly to connect with your audience and gain relevance in the platform. Post one post a day, and once you start to boost your content creation performance and notice the type of content your audience likes, power it up to six or seven TikTok videos a day.  

You must use trending sounds, filters, and content to appeal to the TikTok audience. Don’t be afraid to let your creation muscle soar. Remember to adapt your tone and voice to the platform and guide yourself with other content that people in your industry are creating.  

Try and give your personal touch to your content 

There are millions of videos being created and viewed every day. Add something different by showing your unique personality in your content.  

Keep your content simple and attention grabbing 

We know that Tik Tok is already including videos from 3 to 5 minutes. When we are starting and we are in the process of growing our TikTok, the longer the duration of a video, the number of viewers that will see it will be less. Because of this, we recommend sticking to the one-minute limit to ensure your followers see them from start to finish. 

Be social and engage with others  

As a social network, to be successful and to have more and more followers on Tik Tok, it is important to create engagement, first of all with your followers and with other creators. 

In order to create that engagement, we must make our followers feel important and make them know that we want to communicate with them.   

Interact with them in your videos, it is also important that you spend time with them as they spend time with you too. For example, responding to their comments, making them questions, leaving comments on their TikTok’s, etc. 

 Also creating a collaborative video with other content creators can have a positive impact on the size of your fan base but remember it’s important to choose the people you work with! 

Follow these tips and start growing your account! 


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