A Guide to Brochure Folding Patterns 

When it comes to creating a successful brochure, the type of folding pattern you choose is just as important as the contents inside. Identifying your folding pattern ahead of time is important as it will help copywriters understand the space they are working with and how to best organize the information. 

Use our handy guide below to select the folding options that best suit your brochure. 

Half-Fold or Bi-Fold

Half-fold or bi-fold brochures are the most simple form of folding pattern available. A single sheet of paper is folded in half, creating four equal panels to display the content.

They provide plenty of space to present the information in an attractive yet informative way, being perfect for trade shows, mailers, sales presentations, and more. 


Tri-fold brochures are formed by folding a single sheet of paper into three, creating six different sections for content to be displayed. Companies often choose this type of brochure when they have more content that needs to be displayed in an eye-catching way.

Tri-fold brochures are perfect for trade shows, mailers, sales presentations, city maps, advertising campaigns, and much more. 


Z-fold brochures follow a folding pattern in the shape of the letter ‘Z’, hence the name. A sheet of paper is folded twice, creating six panels instead of three. The two outermost panels are typically used for cover designs, while the four inner panels display the main body of content.

This look is elegant and draws attention from viewers, making them perfect for trade shows, user guides, tech specs, mailers, sales presentations, and much more.

Accordion Fold

Accordion brochures consist of one large sheet of paper folded into several panels of different sizes. The side panels are used for covers and the inner panels display the main content. These brochures have an interlocking ‘accordion’ appearance, hence the name, allowing companies to display a larger amount of content while still keeping the messaging organized and easy to read.

They are great for trade shows, events, and conferences, as well as in direct mail campaigns, and more. 

Double Parallel Fold

In double parallel fold brochures, a sheet of paper is folded into half and then into another half in the same direction. This creates four panels, two panels on the front side and two panels on the back, making them perfect for displaying a lot of data in a small and easy to mail format.

These brochures are great for showcasing your products or services, as well as for dine-in or take out menus, product information sheets, company guidelines, and more.

French Fold

French Fold brochures consist of four panels. A sheet of paper is first folded in half and then folded once more, perpendicular to the first fold, resulting in four panels, which are highly suitable for showcasing images, logos, text, contact information, and more.

French fold brochures provide an illusion that more content is present, making them ideal for maps, invitations, and content with bold graphic designs.

Half-Fold then Tri-Fold

Half-fold then tri-fold brochures are created by folding a sheet of paper in half and then making a tri-fold in the opposite direction. This creates six panels with a neat and professional style, offering plenty of space for displaying content such as images, logos, text, contact information, and more.

They are perfect for trade shows, mailers, and sales presentations, keeping customers engaged and informed.

Gate Fold

Gate fold brochures focus on a central image as the two panels open out like a gate, hence the name. They are unique due to their inward folding structure that is compact and easy to understand. With six panels, there is enough space to showcase multiple features of your products or your company.

Gate fold brochures are great for menus, architectural layouts, content with images, graphics-heavy designs, and large visuals.

Double Gate Fold

Double gate fold brochures are similar to Gate fold brochures, with the main difference being that they have two extra panels. In double gate fold brochures, a sheet of paper is first folded and then further folded in half to create eight equal-sized panels. They offer plenty of space to present all the information in an attractive yet informative way.

Double gate fold brochures are perfect for menus, takeaway pamphlets, product information sheets, lists, and more.

Roll Fold

Roll fold brochures are composed of six panels that are folded from both edges toward the center. Their design offers plenty of room for images, logos, text, and contact information while giving off a professional appearance with enough space to present all necessary details in an organized manner.

These brochures are great for displaying more detailed product and service information, like menus, information sheets, tourist information, travel itineraries, and more.

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