Connect With Your Audience Using the Right Social Network

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Friday, August 13th, 1:00 PM (PT)

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90% of businesses that do Social Media Marketing have observed a marked increase in their business exposure. Mark Nanez, an experienced online marketing coach, will teach you how to choose the right channel for your business. 


Más Vale Saber

Segunda Mano Magazine

Mark Nanez

You haven’t chosen a social media channel because…

  • There’s too much competition. 
  • Your audience has little to no engagement with your brand.
  • You are wasting time and effort on a platform that doesn’t work for you.
  • You lack support. 

What You’ll Learn

1. Understand What Platform Works Best

2. Discuss What Content Is Important

3. Learn How to Get Traction On Any Platform

Every social media platform has its own specifications, rules, and target audience. Learn which one is the right for you.

Not everything you share will work. Learn what type of content has the best possibility of performance and to resonate with your followers.

Gain momentum from your social media profile and turn it into a viable channel for your business.

Getting your message across social media takes time and planning

Mark Nanez will show you how to pick the right platform that will scale your business.

About Us

Más Vale Saber is a marketing and consulting agency that aims to educate, guide, and support people and businesses in marketing, sales, and operations to help them achieve their full potential.

Segunda Mano Magazine is our sister company and was founded in 1999 to connects businesses with the latino community in Phoenix, Arizona through print advertising.


Aarón Nava
Más Vale Saber

Aaron Nava is a publicist and self-published author with 5 years of experience in marketing. He’s the founder of his personal blog “Write-In”, and has his own YouTube Channel for readers and writers.


Mark Nanez
Online Marketing Coach

Mark is an experienced online marketing coach who helps new and established business owners looking to gain more exposure for their business through digital marketing.

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Tepeyac Leadership Initiative.

Go from not knowing how to engage with your audience

To getting instant feedback from your followers when using the right social media platform!

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