10 Characteristics Of A Successful Leader

Employee analyzing whether his boss meets the characteristics of a leader.

According to experts, these qualities will lead you directly to success. So, write it down.

When you think of a leader, the image of your boss angry and yelling at you because you didn't turn in the job on time probably comes to mind. Worse still, if you are the boss and you felt identified with that description, let me tell you that a leader is the complete opposite of a frown.

Boss covering himself with a sheet that has a drawing of an angry face.

1. Ability to Communicate

One of the most important characteristics of a leader is the ability to communicate effectively. Your ideas and instructions should be clear, so that your people hear and understand them. You must also know how to listen to your group.

So no: “It is done because I say so. I don't have to give explanations ”. If it sounded familiar to you, waters!

2. Emotional Intelligence

Boss yelling at two female employees.

There are always moments of crisis or stress. A good leader must have the ability to manage the feelings and emotions of his own and of others, in order to maintain harmony in the group.

In other words, stay professional and not gossip in the hallways or criticize other people's lives.

3. Visionary

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To lead a group you need to know where to lead it. Without a clear goal, no effort will suffice.

A great way to do this is by having a sharing board, where you set short-term and long-term goals. This will make the group focus on one goal at a time and be somewhat unanimous.

4. Planning Capacity

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After setting a goal, you need to make a plan to reach it. Remember that much of the success is due to the care of all the details.

5. Know Your Strengths

We all have strengths and weaknesses, but a good leader knows how to make the most of their skills and abilities. Of course, you also know your weaknesses and are always looking to improve them.

6. Inspiring

My grandmother always told me: "The joke is to leave a mark." So another of the characteristics of a leader is to grow and make his people grow through motivation and example. A leader does not seek to be in the same position for the rest of his life, he will always aspire to something much better.

7. Charismatic

Former US president, Barack Obama, considered one of the characters who meets the characteristics of a leader.

Many times we confuse this term with someone handsome. However, charisma consists of qualities such as being pleasant, optimistic, and knowing how to recognize interpersonal skills properly. It is taking a deep interest in the people around you.

You can start with: "Good morning, I hope you have a nice week." This automatically changes the mood of the people you work with.

8. Innovative

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How boring it is to follow the same routine every day! This makes the job tedious and instead of enjoying it, it becomes very tiring. For this reason, a good leader breaks with the daily dynamics and looks for new and better ways of doing things. With this the workers or the team feel motivated and fun.

An excellent alternative is to implement 10 minutes of daily exercise in the office, a book club, decorate the office or work a day in a cafe. Inspiration comes more easily when we don't stay in one place.

9. Is Responsible

He knows that the success or failure of an organization depends on him. For this reason, it strives to meet the objectives in a timely manner. And for the rest of the team to fulfill their obligations.

10. Is Informed

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No organization can survive without leaders who do not understand or know how the business or company they run works. Therefore, those leaders who even know how the photocopier works are more successful than the rest. Successful leaders are able to understand and understand the procedures of each work area.

Finally, remember that the leader seeks the best for his group, encourages, proposes, motivates and commands with his own prestige and his example. Never with the power of his post.

So you already know. Not everything is yelling or demanding! Put these characteristics of a leader into practice and you will soon see your team and company succeed.

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Posted by Second Hand Magazine on Wednesday, April 5, 2017

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