10 Tips to Have a Successful Job Interview

10 Tips to Have a Successful Job Interview

Be sure to follow these tips to land your next job.

Are you looking for a new job? These tips will help you prepare for a successful job interview. Take note!

1. Prepare For The Interview

Woman handing over documents for job interview.

Group all your documents: two forms of identification, resume and professional references. Consider that, no matter the position to which you are going to apply, you must be dressed appropriately, the most recommended is something formal. Previously, look for information about the company such as what it does or its mission, so you will have valuable information that will help you answer with greater knowledge and appealing to the interests of the company.

2. Introduce yourself at least 20 minutes before


You do not know what setback may come your way. In addition, the interviewer will be attentive to the time you arrive, so he will know if you will be a responsible employee with the schedules.

3. Be Educated

Another tip to have a successful job interview is to introduce yourself to the interviewer by adding a Mr., Ms. or Lawyer (a), depending on the case or the position. Don't shake their hand if they don't shake it first. On the other hand, you don't sit down until they offer it to you. Don't talk about "you" if they don't ask you.

4. Watch Your Body Language

Homer Simpson shakes his hands like crazy

Avoid exaggerated movements with your hands, do not make expressions with your face and keep a natural smile. Pay attention and don't interrupt the interviewer. Very important, DO NOT talk about your personal life if they do not ask you.

5. Eye contact

Man makes a sign to look into my eyes

Safety is a very important element in having a successful job interview, so you must look confident: fix your gaze on the interviewer's eyes and keep a pleasant and clear tone of voice. On the other hand, do not lean back on the desk, or recline in the seat, this denotes disinterest.

6. Think Before You Speak

Take a few seconds to think about your answers, this will always be better than giving a meaningless or limited answer. Breathe, think and respond!

7. Ask Questions

Book with question mark

Do not be afraid, because when you ask you show that you are interested in the job and in the future of the company. Ask questions like: What is the mission of the company? Is there an opportunity for growth? What will your duties be? All those doubts that arise related to the company or the position to which you are applying will help you to have a successful job interview.

8. Don't End The Interview

Do not leave the place until the interviewer indicates that the conversation is over and says goodbye to you.

9. Be grateful

No matter the outcome of the interview, before you leave make sure to thank the interviewer for the opportunity and their time. Remember the point of being polite.

10. Wait

Lisa Simpson waits in front of the phone.

We know that waiting for a response is the most difficult part of this process. However, you must stay positive, be sure to keep an eye on your phone or email for the final decision.

These 10 tips will help you conduct a successful job interview! So get ready to succeed in that new job.

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