Have you tried the traditional crepes of Yucatán? You will love it.

Yesterday I had a nice memory of when I was young and I was living with my cousin in Merida, there in Yucatan. On the weekends, we loved going for a walk by the sea, on the beautiful beach of Progreso, to take in the fresh air and to savor some delicious marquesitas. If you have never tried them, they are a curious, but perfect combination between sweet and salty.

The first time I tried them, my cousin told me that the marquesitas had been invented by Don Leopoldo Mena, better known as “Don Polo”, who had inherited an ice cream business in Izamal, a small town in Yucatán. When it was winter, ice cream sales dropped and "Don Polo" sold only wafers filled with a thousand things, but he succeeded when he decided to fill them with Dutch ball cheese (which is similar to Cotija cheese), and little by Little was the recipe perfected until one day they became known as Yucatecan marquesitas.

Today, you will find marquesitas almost in every corner of Mérida (like the churros in Coyoacán), although some make them as a kind of long biscuit filled with cheese. In my opinion, the best ones are the originals from “Don Polo”. Therefore, today I will share with you 2 ways to prepare this recipe so that you can enjoy some authentic Yucatecan marquesitas with your family.


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Prep Time: 25 Minutes

Serves You For: 3 Marquesitas


  • 2 egg whites
  • 1/2 cup of sugar
  • 1/4 cup butter
  • 1/2 cup of flour
  • 2 tablespoons vanilla
  • 1 cup of milk
  • Dutch Ball Cheese or Cotija Cheese
  • Nutela or cajeta


To make the dough for the marquesita, first beat the egg whites so that they are stiff, that is, well fluffed. Little by little add the ingredients one by one. Start with the sugar, then the flour, then the melted butter, then a little vanilla, and finally the milk. The mixture should be almost liquid. Consider that it is similar to a crepe.

In this case, I share 2 ways to prepare these Yucatecan marquesitas.

a) With Iron

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The griddle is similar to one of those tortilla machines that goes over the stove. I know it is not very easy to get, but it is much easier to prepare if you get this little machine. What's more, I asked my grandson to put this link for me so they can buy one (I admit that computers are not my thing). Start by greasing it with butter and once it is hot, slide the mixture on one side of the griddle to form a kind of omelette. Now close the griddle (just like the tortilla machine) and quickly open it. If the iron is very hot, this procedure does not exceed about 30 seconds, you have to take care that the "tortilla" is not toasted prematurely.

b) With Comal

If you prefer to save money, the alternative is to make the marquesitas on a comal or frying pan, although you will stay as a kind of crepe. All you have to do is grease the comal or skillet with butter, add the mixture and spread it gently with a spatula to make it as thin as possible. Then turn the “crepe” over, like a warm tortilla, so that it cooks on the other side; But, take care that it is not toasted before time !, so that you do not get all crushed.

A boy preparing Yucatecan marquesitas.
  1. In both cases, while the "tortilla" or "crepe" is moldable, that is, before they are already like cookies, add the grated ball cheese or the Cotija. Consider that it has to be a salty and dry cheese.
  2. Immediately roll it up in the shape of a small block with salt and press a little on what hardens the marquesita and the heat slightly undoes the cheese that goes inside. The first few times it takes work, but practice makes the expert.
  3. Keep the marquesita rolled up just until the crepe is the consistency of a soft cookie. A good marquesita should be crisp, tasty and with the grated cheese intact, on the edges.

As you can see, they are very quick to make, but it takes practice to make the taco (like a good shepherd's taquero).

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The first time I made them it was a disaster, but because I didn't have the recipe right. Until later, my cousin was able to come visit me and together we prepared some authentic Yucatecan marquesitas for all my grandchildren, and let me tell you what they were the sensation of the afternoon. It was like remembering the warm twilight, taking a breath on the porch of a house in Yucatan. Also, now my kids can add Nutella or cajeta with walnut to it, which makes them even more irresistible!

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