3 Ideas To Develop The Creativity Of Your Children

Little boy painting as a form of children's creativity.

Einstein and your son could have a lot in common. Discover the secret behind the geniuses.

In life there are always two options: follow the rules of others or create new rules. We can teach our children both ways, but only developing children's creativity will make them succeed.

Artistic animation of a brain turning into a running man.

What Makes a Creative Child?

Some consider a child to be creative if he takes incredible portraits; if from the age of four he can make complete musical works; Or dance like Michael Jackson But no, creativity goes much further.

Small with many thoughts to develop children's creativity.

Let's start, then, to understand what a creative child is like, in order to change the lives of our children, forever!

Adam Grant, psychologist and author of the book "The Amazing Habits Of Original Thinkers" has studied for years the behavior of creative people and reached a conclusion: people with a lot of creativity are ordinary people, with fears, doubts, and mistakes, like all.

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You should also know creativity is not something innate, nothing more. Grant found that the great people in our history, including Einstein, were once forced to be creative. Yes, forced!

It is not that the little genius was born with all the tools to elaborate the theory of relativity. Curiously, his mother forced him to take violin lessons. He didn't want to, he refused. But his mother seemed Latino, and she forced him.

Albert Einstein playing the violin as a method to develop children's creativity.

Surely it is the same that happens with many other little ones, they may not want to study an instrument, a language or a form of dance. But, the results are incredible.

According to Grant, the geniuses winning a Nobel Prize in Science had something in common during their childhood. According to the study, a child who reads fiction is 12 times more likely than other children to win a Nobel Prize in Science; 7 times more chances if you learned to draw; and 22 times if he learns a dance, an instrument, or takes magic classes. Interesting, right?

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3 Ideas To Develop Children's Creativity

Many parents fear that if a child loves his artistic side, then he will want to dedicate himself to music and will end up like Justin Bieber. But consider this: Einstein wanted to study physics because of what he learned in music.


This is the important thing. Creativity does not mean taking a certain path to the arts. Rather, teach your child to think differently and solve problems differently.

Therefore, with these ideas you can develop children's creativity:

1. Give Him Something To Read


A great tip from psychologist Adam Grant is to let your kids read their favorite book. They could be, for example, the books "Harry Potter" or I recommend the recent saga of "Deep Blue" ("Waterfire", in English) of the author Jennifer Donnelly, whose success in sales is due to the fact that it has become popular among the new generation.

Now, the point is that you also know about reading. Besides that, they should not be left alone with what they read! I mean, ask them about what they read: How did this character solve the situation? Or, what would you have done?

On the other hand, creating scenarios under their imagination is the best way to remind them that the world is not set in stone and that there are still many solutions to be found.

So give them to write a couple of ideas about certain situations that arise in the reading. Make them feel like the most ingenious writers in the world.

You will see that in the long run it will help them never settle for any situation.

2. Don't Set Rules

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Something that is fundamental to developing children's creativity is not insisting that children learn the rules by the letter.

This is something that Latinos learn the hard way. They always force us to follow protocols, norms or rules and the threat is “the dreaded chancla”. They do not give us explanations, it is only done because it is done.

But, the best thing you can do is not to encourage fear in your children or impose rules just for the sake of it, but to teach them values and explain the why of things. Believe it or not, they understand perfectly, when you explain, mainly if you do it with didactic resources or you do it through games.

3. Encourage New Experiences

One of the main reasons people are unhappy is because they don't dare to try something new.

This is due, in part, to the fact that since we were children we were taught that a 10 on the report card was more important than trying a new idea, no matter how crazy it was.

Can you imagine what would have happened if all the geniuses in this world were dedicated to getting 10? We would not have internet, we would not have Facebook, or vaccines, or cars; practically, the world would not be like the one we know.


The true value of creativity goes beyond a grade in drawing class, or a few extra hours to “distract” your children. The essence of creativity lies in real changes in the way you educate them.

So, to develop children's creativity! Don't let the kids miss out on that opportunity. Sign them up for singing, ballet, jazz, or magic classes. What you like the most! These courses may seem a bit expensive or unnecessary, but you will see that in the long run you will not regret it.


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