Cosmética Masculina: Verse Bien También Es De Machos

Men's Cosmetics: Looking Good Is Male Too

These products are indispensable for those who claim to be "macho".

Thirty years ago the only allies for men's body hygiene were soap and after-shave lotion.

Soap and lotion for shaving.

However, it is no longer a taboo subject that men become increasingly concerned about their personal care. For this reason, they have become regular consumers of men's cosmetics. So much so that brands and society understand that looking good is already macho!

And although its use is becoming more and more common, we know that everyone needs a little help to know how to choose products.

They do not lose their simplicity and focus rather on:

• Products labeled “for men only”.
• Easy to apply.
• Fluid and light textures.
• Fresh and discreet fragrances.

Therefore, they will continue to refuse an avocado mask. However, you cannot say that you are a handsome and attractive man for women if you do not have at least the following products:

1. Shaving Cream

This will not go out of style, the peculiarity is that men now also take into account that the products for their body hygiene are natural.

In addition to cream, men purchase after-shave lotions or colognes.

2. Moisturizers

Man hydrating his face.

Men are also susceptible to dry skin. In fact, it is one of the aspects that most concern them. Mainly those who do sports and outdoor activities.

Therefore, when buying moisturizers, consider that the general characteristic that these articles should have is a low content of fatty agents. As for the formula, one of the favorites is balms. So when you go shopping discreetly look for the labels that contain this element. If you are one of those few men who do not mind asking, ask for help at the store.

3. Anti-wrinkle

Beckham with wrinkles in his eyes.

Don't think that you will be beautiful forever. Over time, we all get old and need a little help, regardless of our gender. Better invest in anti-wrinkle products even if it sounds a bit strange.

Opt for energizing, revitalizing and firming ingredients, which are ideal for men. That is, products that contain: caffeine, green tea, ginseng, vitamin C or soy.

4. Eye Contour

Man applying cream to avoid bags under his eyes.

Wrinkles, dark circles and, above all, bags under the eyes are the main signs of the passage of time in men.

That is why the specific products for this area are the ones that have experienced the highest consumption within men's cosmetics. Today they are necessary for the care and body hygiene of men. Read on to find out where you can find the best products.

Male Cosmetics?

Bugs Bunny massaging a bald man in a barbershop.

Perhaps the term seems a bit strange or very feminine. But it is simply about the creams, lotions and skin treatments that many men consider essential for body care and hygiene.

Before, cosmetic firms focused all their attention on female needs. Currently, there are exclusive cosmetic lines for men and sales have almost equaled those of products for women.

In 1990 only 4% of men reported using a facial care product. In 2001 the 21% was already doing it. Today, one in two uses, chooses and buys them personally, without the advice of a woman.

Where to buy?

Beyond essential products for men's body hygiene, supermarket aisles are still dominated by feminine cosmetics.

Fortunately, the Internet always solves life for us. Search stores like Mel bros or in Natura, you will find high quality male products.


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Another great company that has a line of products for body hygiene that, in addition to being masculine, are super natural is Fromonda.

Fromonda has the online sale of body powders, to keep the body cool and dry throughout the day; as well as shampoos and soaps with pleasant and very masculine essences.

In addition, the designs are unique, with much more fun and modern labels, so that you do not feel that you are going to buy products that look like women.

Man putting cream on his body.

The most important thing is to feel comfortable and at ease with yourself. And if for this, you can take advantage of the male body hygiene products that exist, then forget what they will say and take the pain out of looking for them in your nearest store.

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