Celebrate and Enjoy a Healthy Birthday

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Healthy food to celebrate birthdays.

Take note of the healthy food ideas that I propose for your party ... ideal for all ages!

To celebrate birthdays, there is never a lack of cake, sweets and sodas. Usually the parties are ideal for talking, joking and enjoying the company of family or friends. And, most likely, on those occasions we overindulge in food and drink. The worst thing about all this is that we usually do it sitting down, which is not healthy at all. Make this year different! Organize a healthy birthday.

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Try to celebrate with the usual, but try to give your celebration a twist with a healthy meal, that is, low in calories and with some activities that help burn excess calories.

An Unexpected Dish

Healthy food to celebrate birthdays.

The first tip is to include what is always missing (healthy food) ... a vegetable dish! Offer something refreshing and inviting, like a salad with chunks of fruit, nuts, and cheese. Consider that the fiber in vegetables helps you feel full faster, so you don't overeat later.

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Sugary drinks are always the first choice when celebrating birthdays ... avoid them! They are high in empty calories, which means they have no nutritional content and are high in sugar. It's easy to drink fluids, and sometimes (especially with sugary drinks) we get out of hand, either from thirst or hunger.


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Choose to satisfy the body's signals by offering other options, such as fresh fruit water, lemonades (no or very little added sugar) or natural infusions with slices of lemon, strawberries or basil rested in a vase of water. This way you keep all the guests hydrated, without consuming extra calories and have a successful healthy birthday.

And The Cake?

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The cake… well, I am of the opinion that if you are going to enjoy a dessert, that it is worth it! You don't need to break your head to offer a healthier cake. In fact, moderation is the key, serve personal pieces of cake and not pieces that seem to be for the whole family. You could even offer muffins or cupcakes. They are all the rage and already come in personal size, now make sure to eat just one.

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Other options


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For your healthy birthday, offer nutritious snacks instead of candy, such as:

  • A bowl of fruit.
  • Banana Split bites (take a strawberry slice, a banana slice and a pineapple slice; place them on a skewer stick; dip it in chocolate and sprinkle peanut pieces. Click here to follow the steps and make this snak: http: / /ourfamilyofseven.com/banana-split-bites/.
  • Kiwi and watermelon popsicles (in the blender mix 4 kiwis; pour the kiwi juice into a popsicle mold; freeze 1 hour. On the other hand, blend 3 cups of watermelon; pour the watermelon pulp into the popsicle mold over the kiwi; add popsicle sticks; freeze for at least another hour. Recipe should yield 8 popsicles)

Gift Bags


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Who says the goodie bag for our healthy birthday guests can't be fun without candy? Don't just fill the gift bags with candy. Better put toys from the dollar store, peanuts, tangerines and small bags of natural popcorn.

To exercise

Sack race.

To make your healthy birthday a success, try planning an activity that includes all of your guests (not just the kids), so you get everyone moving and burn calories together. One option is to party in a park and play a game of soccer or volleyball. Plan team races, use sacks to make it more fun, or a game of charms or catch. The point is to do some exercise that makes you sweat.

Celebrating birthdays is much more meaningful if you start it on the right foot and with these ideas and healthy food, in order to celebrate many more years.

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