5 Ghoulish Games To Summon Spirits

5 Ghoulish Games To Summon Spirits

Do you want to spend a terrifying evening? I challenge you to try these games.

We are all intrigued by knowing the world of the paranormal. Some of us settle for listening to stories, but others dare to invoke spirits.

To do this, they play "Charly, Charly", "Bloody Mary" or, perhaps something more risky like the "Ouija". But they are not the only extreme horror games to summon beings from beyond.

If you are one of those brave people who do not crack, I challenge you to play these other games that are chilling!

1. Hitori Kakurenbo or "The Game of Hide and Seek"

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When it comes to extreme horror games, the Japanese know how to put it together in a big way. For them, Hitori Kakurenbo, more than a game, is a proof of courage.

The intention of this game is to summon spirits, offering them a body to possess. But instead of being a human body, it will be that of a stuffed animal, your favorite!

Fozzie Bear from the Muppets puts his hand to his face.

How to Play?

  • The first step for this ritual is to fill the doll with rice, your nails and a little of your blood, sew it and tie it with a red thread. Give it a name that is not yours.
  • Next, you have to fill any container in which the doll can submerge with water. You will also need to pour a cup of salt into the water.
  • The game starts at 3 am, as in any horror story, and in total darkness. Repeat the name of the doll three times and then say: “it's my turn”.
  • You must place the doll inside the container. After a few minutes, go back to the doll and say: “I found you”, along with the name you have given it. Stab him with a sharp object and run to hide.
  • The teddy will be possessed, it will look for you and it will hurt you with the same object with which you stabbed it, because your nails and blood will create a connection between both, according to Japanese belief.
Chavo del Ocho crosses himself.
  • Whether it finds you or not, you can stop the game in the following way. Drink a cup of the salty water with which you filled the container and hold it in your mouth as long as you can. Then, go for the doll and pour the water from your mouth over it. Repeat 3 times: "I win."

Thus ends the ritual. Dry the doll well, burn it and dispose of its remains. You dare?

Mr smoking.

 2. Hyakumonogatari

This is a group game and it is also one of the very popular extreme horror games in Japan. At least you will be accompanied if something paranormal happens.

How to Play?

  • In a room you place 100 lit candles, so that they form a circle. In another room you must be with your friends in complete darkness and they must also form a circle. They can sit or make themselves comfortable because this game will take a long time.
  • Each one must tell a horror story. Let your imagination fly with the most chilling details you can imagine.
  • At the end of telling each story, that person must go to the room with the candles and turn off one, like this until they finish with the 100 candles.
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  • Also, when finishing with all the candles, the spirits will manifest in that place. It is just a matter of being attentive and having patience.

3. Three Strikes

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Some of us fear this since we saw the movie "Orphanage". And it is that only the brave dare to play it.

How to Play?

  • Right at 3 am, close all the windows in your home, turn off the lights, and place only one lit candle in the main room where you will play the game.
Burning candle.
  • The windows should be well covered with curtains, so that you cannot see what is on the other side. Stand in front of a window and tap three times. Put your ear close and wait a moment.
  • The spirits will respond with the same amount of blows. If you closed the windows correctly, don't worry, the demon will try to enter the house, but it will not be able to break any windows. Look at the candle, it will be your main indicator, because if it goes off, it means that you lost, the spirit entered your house.

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4. Don't Look Back

You have to play this game after midnight and have a notebook handy. Of the extreme horror games, this may be the one with the highest adrenaline rush, as your instinct will prompt you to turn back, even if you don't want to.

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How to Play?

  • You should be in a dark room. Sit in a chair facing a wall. Write on the notebook: "Spirit, look at me, come closer and do not let me turn around."
  • Tear off the sheet of paper and throw it behind you, for no reason go to turn around, that's the joke of the game. Keep your gaze fixed on some point on the wall.
  • You must be patient and pay close attention because someone will approach you and breathe in your ear, the spirit will do everything as long as you turn around.
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  • Then it will go through the room and you will surely feel its presence or some wind or movement, but do not turn around.
  • When you feel it closer to you, you will want to turn or close your eyes, the latter is not recommended, because when you open them you can take an unfortunate experience in front of you.

The spirit will go away on its own once it has proven how hard you resist not looking back.

Kiko, from Chavo del Ocho saying: Oops! So joke.

5. Letters

For this game you need a deck of English cards. Basically it is something similar to "Charly Charly" or the Ouija, where you ask questions whose answers are "yes" or "no".

It can be less scary, but addictive. You have to make a circle of salt. Wide enough for the participants to stand or stand inside.

How to Play?

  • Shuffle the cards and focus hard, both on the questions and the answers. The spirit you contact will be able to give you answers such as "may be" or "I don't know", in addition to "yes" or "no".
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  • Every time you ask a question, the spirit will answer you with the following codes: if hearts come out, the answer is "yes"; if swords come out, it means "no"; diamonds, means "may be"; clovers, "I don't know."
  • Like the Ouija, it is important to close it correctly, asking the spirit if they can finish already.

These are just some extreme horror games to summon spirits or play with them. It makes me skinny just thinking about it. Would you try them?

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