The Teachings Of “Rugrats” That Changed Our Life

Rugrats, Adventures In Diapers.

Who would say that Tommy and his friends would give us so much wisdom.

It seems that it was yesterday when the cartoon “Rugrats, Adventures in Diapers” was broadcast on television. However, it may come as a shock to find out that the first episode premiered in 1991. That's right, 28 years ago!

Rugrats cartoon characters.

Many millennials are fans of this show. And it is that the antics of Tommy and his friends were super fun. But I bet you never paid attention to the extraordinary life lessons on gender equality within this cartoon.

1.Girl or Boy?

Rugrats cufflinks.

The best thing about the cartoon "Rugrats" was the innocence of the children. Well, they even wonder: why can a girl wear a dress and a boy not?

In fact, in one episode, Charlie Brown and Tommy dress up as women to experience what it feels like to be a young lady. By putting themselves in their shoes, they make us question, from childhood, if dressing according to our gender is the most correct thing to do.

Charlie Brown from the cartoon Rugrats.

The truth is that this shows us that young children are always smarter than adults and much more aware, even at their young age.

2. The Authentic Role of Mom and Dad

Tommy's dads.

Imagine that for the first time, this cartoon turned everything we had learned at home upside down.

"Adventures in Diapers" decided to leave paradigms behind. Suddenly, we saw that for these babies, moms were not housewives and men were not macho. Quite the opposite. Tommy's dad was the one who was always at home cooking, while Didi had work to do.

Rugrats character dads.

On the other hand, we saw the mother of the twins, Betty, in a "male" role. She was the one who taught her children to defend themselves and love sports. While the husband, Howard, was the sensitive of the family.

This gave hope to many of us who love sports and who wanted to be a mom like Betty.

Lastly, there was Angelica's mother, named Charlotte. That woman could do everything. He was the main head of his family. Plus, she could take care of her little girl and do just about anything on the phone.

Moms of Rugrats characters.

This did not mean that one role was better than another, but that they were all valid as long as they took care of their children and loved them with all their hearts.

3. We all have the same rights


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One of the episodes that attracted the most attention was when Tommy and Carlitos talked about wanting to marry Ballena, Angelica's little friend. But, while they argued, Lili, the twin, protested saying that she also had the right to be with Whale, as she was very pretty.

The issue of homosexuality continues to surprise us even today. It is almost incredible that they have dared to expose this subject in a children's cartoon, almost thirty years ago.

Again, these little Rugrats show us the wisdom of innocence. Who know for sure that we all have the same rights.

4. The Respect of Others Is Peace

Rugrats in disguise.

Another fascinating lesson from "Diaper Adventures" was that Tommy and his friends knew that the world was full of possibilities to play with. That is why they did not discriminate. For what?

You may not have known, but the Rugrats cartoon was one of the first to show religions and traditions from around the world. From Kwanza or Hanukkah, to the traditional Christmas. The important thing was to play together and meet new friends. No matter where they came from.

5. Know Your Feelings

Angelica and her friend from the Rugrats angry.

Today, cartoons are just trying to be funny. With tons of special effects and actions to keep the attention of the little ones. You no longer talk about deep feelings, such as the loss of a loved one.

Rugrats devoted entire episodes to helping children understand their emotions. For example, when Carlitos learned about his mother's death. If you didn't cry as a child in this part, it's because you didn't have a heart.

There are many more examples of how the Rugrats cartoon changed our perspective on the world since we were children. Which episode caught your attention the most?


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