Las 5 Películas Mexicanas Más Esperadas Del Año

The 5 Most Anticipated Mexican Movies of the Year

Prepare the popcorn because Mexican cinema continues to grow and this year, it will not be the exception!

2016 was a great year for cinema in Mexico, as 27.5 million Mexicans went to the cinemas of the country to enjoy a premiere. This figure places the country in fourth place in ticket sales worldwide.

Mexicans in a movie theater watching Mexican movies.

Regarding the production of Mexican cinema, 2016 was also an important year since almost 80 films were released, of which revenues of 1,200 million pesos were obtained. Hopefully the success continues because it never hurts an authentically Mexican movie.

Mexican Movies 2017

We All Want Someone | February 17

The film tells the story of a beautiful young woman named Clara Barrón who, apparently, has it all: work, home and a large family. The only thing missing: love. Pressured to attend a wedding in Mexico, she asks a coworker to pose as her boyfriend, but is surprised by her ex-partner. Clara has to decide between her ex-boyfriend and her new illusion.

3 Idiots | March

This film is the remake of an Indian hit that was released in 2009. Now with a Latin flair and with the Mexican humor that we all want to see. It is the story of 3 friends, engineering students, who have unforgettable experiences during their time at university. The cast of this film is made up mainly of Martha Higareda, Vadhir Derbez, Sebastián Zurita, Rodrigo Murray and Claudia Lizaldi. A comedy that will make you cry with laughter.

Belzebuth | June 23

This horror film was directed by Emilio Portes, who also directed “Pastorela,” and features an incredible performance by Joaquín Cosio, as well as Tobin Bell and Giovanna Zacarías. The film narrates the adventures of two policemen who investigate paranormal situations. If the stories of demons and exorcisms don't make you jump out of your chair, then you have to see it.

How To Be A Latino Lover | May 5

We have beloved Eugenio Derbez back at the box office, along with Kristen Bell, Salma Hayek, and Raquel Welch. This in particular is one that I can't miss. The plot is based on the story of a man who after 25 years of marriage finds himself abandoned and has to move to live with his sister. In the course of his career he learns the value of family.

How To Kill A Dead Husband | September 1

Poster for the Mexican film How to Kill a Dead Husband.

With a stellar cast in which Mara Escalante, Eduardo España, Francisco Gattorno, César Évora, María Fernanda García, Gloria Izaguirre, Analay Rodríguez and Daniela Zavala participate, this comedy, inspired by real events, recounts the experiences of a woman who must endure some difficult situations caused after the death of her husband.

So, you have already been warned, there are many interesting proposals from Mexican cinema this year. Prepare your pocketbook and your family for a date at the cinema and, to enjoy the most anticipated Mexican films of this 2017!

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