6 Fun Twins Curiosities

Telepathy and other curiosities of identical twins.

Learn the easiest tricks to distinguish between twins.

Twins are a wonder of nature. Any details about them never cease to amaze us. Such is the case of the following genetic curiosities.

6 Curiosities Of The Twins

1. They're Backwards

Have you ever looked in the mirror and talked to yourself? Now imagine that it was really possible for your reflection to answer you.

Well, I'll tell you that one of the incredible genetic curiosities most characteristic of identical twins is that many of them are a true reflection, but in reverse! For example, they may have their hairline in the opposite direction from their brother. When you look at each other, it is as if you are looking in the mirror!

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In fact, if one of the brothers is myopia in the left eye, then the other twin will have myopia in the right. And in some cases it is also given that one is left-handed while the other right-handed, following the same principle of the mirror.

Mirror twins are formed during pregnancy if the embryo divides later than normal, when the right and left sides of the fertilized egg are already defined. Then by separating, each side becomes an individual. It is estimated that around 25% of all twins in the world are mirror twins. Incredible, don't you think?

2. Multicolored

The "Duvalin" effect can also appear in genes. Although you do not believe it.

Did you know that if your partner is light-skinned and you are brown-skinned, the genetic quirk of twin pregnancy can lead to having two babies with different skin colors?

Skin colors based on the Pantone scale.

This, unlike mirror twins, is a rarer phenomenon. Well, it takes two sperm of different color!

In some cases, one twin may be red, while the other has a dark complexion. Although of course they are still very similar! What combination would you like to have?

3. The Ideal Time

It is known that if you are between 30 and 40 years old, your chances of having twins increase. This does not mean that you should wait until that year to have twins, as they also increase the chances of having a problem in the womb.

However, during this stage a woman has irregular menstrual cycles and may release two eggs instead of one. Thus producing a multiple pregnancy.

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It is because of this time factor that today, multiple pregnancy is becoming more common.

According to data from Clinical Hospital of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, from 2000 to 2009 the increase in multiple pregnancies amounted to 11 percent. Currently, for every thousand deliveries 1.5 are multiple.

This phenomenon is due to the fact that many women are now professionals and decide to wait until the age of 30-35 to have children.

Nature is wise and gives them the possibility of having two children, instead of one. But you also have to take care of this point, because according to scientific studies the postponement of motherhood can make it difficult to get pregnant. So this aspect of time depends on each woman.

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If you wait many years to get pregnant, it can be almost like a “double or nothing” flight. And that is why the ideal time (according to your body) for a pregnancy should be consulted with a gynecologist.

4. The Little Difference

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Do you know how to distinguish one twin from another? Identical twins have the same DNA, but their fingerprints are different.

Some believe that fingerprints are predestined from our DNA, but this is a myth.

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It is actually the strength of the amniotic flow and the posture inside the mother's womb that determines the fingerprint, not the genetic information.

Although of course, it will be difficult to ask a pair of twins to show you their footprints and memorize them. However, this little trick can help moms of identical twins.

5. Are they telepathic?

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This feature is perhaps our favorite of the twins. In fact, ever since we saw "Game of Twins", we long to share a telepathy as funny as that of these girls.

The reality is that almost one 40% of the twins claims to have some kind of telepathy with their brother.

Some have indicated that "it is not a question of magic", but that like any couple there is a lot of coexistence and they lead very similar lives, which allows a connection.

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They are dressed, treated and fed in the same way since they were little, so they understand each other very well.

But if you add to this that, they also share the same DNA. And that, additionally, they have the same brain wave patterns, as it will be quite possible for the twins to feel telepathic.

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It seems like a no-brainer, but I still consider this telepathy to be a true marvel! I don't think I could ever know what my brother was thinking, despite being so close to him. Can you guess what your brothers think?

6. Cousins = Brothers

The last piece of information and, perhaps, the most curious is that in the event that two pairs of identical twins marry, their children would legally be cousins, but genetically they would be brothers!

Identical twins share the chromosome range in a 100%; so this gives rise to the genetic brotherhood of the cousins.

Can you imagine, what would it be like for a Latino family that we usually have up to 20 cousins? It's a lot of family.

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The truth is that I would love to have twins, confuse them from time to time and do mischief in the style of Game of Twins. But until then, it satisfies me to know that there are still many mysteries in genetics and that nature will always have its ways of surprising us.

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