6 Importantes Preguntas Para Contratar Un Buen Realtor

6 Important Questions for Hiring a Good Realtor

One of the most successful realtors in Phoenix tells us how she gets her home sold fast.

There are three important relationships in this world. One is that of your partner, with whom you will live forever. Another is work, which is essential to maintain your economy and that of your family. The last is the most difficult: the relationship between a homeowner and a realtor, or real estate agent.

The Greatest Treasure

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There is no treasure greater than our home. There we get to rest every day and it gives us the security we need for our family. This is why, when we decide to move to a better one, we do not want to sell the house to just anyone, or give it away at an unfair price.

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Realtors are precisely those people who will dedicate themselves to finding an ideal candidate for your treasure. But, do you know how to identify an excellent realtor? A lot is written about how to find true love, but not about how to find a good realtor.

The next time you have an appointment with your agent, Martha Navarro recommends that you ask these basic questions, since he will be in charge of selling one of your most valuable treasures.

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1. How many years of experience does the Realtor have?

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The first question you should ask any realtor is this. Unlike any real estate agent, a realtor is a member of the ANR (National Association of Realtors), therefore, he is more experienced and more reliable.

Normally, to be considered an “expert” in the real estate market, a minimum of 5 years of experience is required. For example, Martha Navarro is a bilingual realtor with over 17 years of experience selling homes in Arizona.

To measure the knowledge of a good realtor it is important to ask him about what you already know about the area where you live. For example, what you have around you (supermarkets, parks, schools, etc.) or what disadvantages your area has (security, public transportation, etc.).

A very experienced realtor should be aware of all these details, even before knowing your property. As in any job interview, you have to be prepared to answer all the questions or doubts you have.

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2. How many houses do you sell per year?

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No matter how nice a person is, you cannot hire them just for this reason. So the answer to this question will be key to get to the most important point: is it effective or not?

In Martha's case, she sells 60 houses a year. For a reason, it is ranked by HomeSmart as the best four realtors in Phoenix.

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3. What's Your Real Opinion Of The House?

Something that we Latinos value very much is honesty. Perhaps a realtor can have the experience and know how to value a home well. But if he's not honest with us, it could hit our liver.

To test this, Martha suggests asking your agent to tell you what they honestly think of your home.

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You should receive all kinds of criticism, not just positive. A good agent will alert you to plumbing failures or changing the color of your house. These comments will be good signs that you are looking for what is most convenient for your sale.

If you omit these details, it means that you are not paying much attention, or that you have other priorities at the moment.

4. What's Your Marketing Strategy?

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Some believe that sales are easy. But we know that selling a house is not like selling tamales. It takes a lot of time, effort and dedication. However, today's marketing techniques facilitate this task.

Ask your realtor what his strategy is in this regard. Consider the following points.

Digital Platforms

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Today, 92% of people interested in looking for a home do so from the internet. A realtor who does not include the digital part in his marketing strategy will not be very successful. This is why Martha Navarro is very successful. She contemplates various digital platforms and uses technological tools to her advantage.

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Ask your agent if they are familiar with Google Adwords, web optimization strategies, email marketing and if they have their own portal. This is a good sign that you know how to advertise properties online and that your chances of making a sale will be much higher.

Virtual Videos

Today, visual references have much more impact than written ones, especially in the real estate sales field. Consider that in 2016 alone, 35% of shoppers were already millennials.

The most popular virtual program is Matterport 3D, which is used to create high-tech tours. Maybe your realtor is not an expert, but he must at least know a couple of tools to be able to advise you in this regard.

5. What Are Your References?

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A very specific and reliable way to learn about your realtor's methodology is by asking for personal references.

This is great for people who may not know much about technology and prefer to make sure “old-fashioned”, with a kind of notebook like the ones we used to store phones before, before cell phones.

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Just ask the realtor for a couple of references and contact them personally. You can ask them their opinion about the agent and if they have any advice for you.

6. How Much Is A Realtor's Commission?

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This is perhaps the most difficult question of the quote. In the “speed dating? it would be like the question "and do you want to have children?"

Basically you should start by finding out how much a real estate agent generally charges. Based on this range, you can evaluate if what the realtor charges you is a high price and if it is worth it, considering what it offers you.

The most common fee is 6% commission. It probably sounds a bit high if you see it as a salary, but you have two things to consider.

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The first is that the real estate agent or realtor has to invest of his own money to put the house for sale and carry out the marketing strategies.

Second, even if you decide not to have an agent and try to sell your house independently, the odds are against you as 92% of people hire an agent to sell or buy a house. Then, you will not be looking for normal clients to sell your property, but to the same realtors of other people.

In other words, realtors will search for each other and your chance of standing out without one of them is pretty small. It will be like being a fish in a world of sharks.

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You have more questions?

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I hope this information is helpful to you. Do not forget that your house will now be someone else's treasure, so try to leave it in the best possible condition.

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Don't be too upset about trying to sell it quickly, as it will take time. Enjoy what you have now and get ready for the best!

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