Alumnos Que Llenan A Phoenix de Orgullo

Students Who Fill Phoenix with Pride

It is time for academic effort and performance to be recognized! 

Effort, perseverance and tenacity are just three of the values that some students in Phoenix have managed to acquire. Therefore, it is a commitment of the community and of the teachers in the country's schools, to recognize the talent of the students who have exceeded expectations by achieving academic excellence. 

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From disciplines like math, sports, and the performing arts, these students have excelled in their schools and have been part of an honor society, in which only the best have the privilege of belonging. 

“Segunda Mano La Revista” and “Más Vale Saber, Marketing Agency”; they have been watching these talents and are willing to spread a positive message within the community; promoting and rewarding those students who have achieved academic excellence within their schools and who have demonstrated a positive impact in their community.  

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Each of the students, who received this recognition, showed AZTEC PRIDE every day. Pride is an acronym that represents purpose, respect, integrity, determination, and the demonstration of excellence. The students we recognize go above and beyond in all of these qualities 

These are the 8 students who have achieved academic excellence and who have filled Phoenix with pride: 

Serena Martinez.

Serena Martinez, a 7th year student, who plays the piano and is an excellent example to others for his academic excellence. Serena welcomes new students and has helped as a teacher in the extracurricular music classes. 

Julian Rodriguez.

Julian Rodriguez, 4th year student. He plays a main character in his school's musical "Shrek" and participates in the racing team. He has also had perfect attendance this school year. 

Kamila Mancilla.

Kamila mancilla, 8th year honors student. Kamila is a disciplined student who takes algebra and is an example to the rest of her classmates.  

Andrea Gomez.

Andrea Gomez, She is an 8th grade student who is a member of the NJHS (National Junior Honor Society) and who also volunteers at school events.  

Izzabella Diaz.

Izzabella Diaz, Honors student who participates in the school band, plays a variety of sports, and is a member of JAG (Jobs for Arizona Graduates) and NJHS.

Nadira Adoyi.

Nadira adoyi, NJHS student of academic excellence; take algebra, volunteer in school events, and set an example for peers 

Alyssa Pina.

Alyssa Pina, is a 7th year student and a member of the student committee, plays with multiple sports teams, and volunteers at school events.  

Noah Alveraz.

Noah alveraz, a 7th-year student is part of the rector's list of students of excellence. Noah has an extraordinary demeanor and he deserves this recognition very well.   

These students will certainly grow, striving to foster good study habits and maintaining academic excellence. Performing skill and discipline to solve day-to-day situations, which will motivate their colleagues to grow together with them and foster a community with values. 

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