Healthy Habits You Should Implement This New Year

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Variety of foods as part of healthy eating habits.

Take advantage of this new year to improve your health and diet with these healthy habits.

A new year is a good opportunity to change or improve our life. Probably, like many, you made a list of professional, financial, personal purposes; but did you think about your health?

New decade, new me.

Setting health goals is essential to continue with the rest of your purposes… So, it's time to implement healthy lifestyle habits! Mainly, in your diet.

If you are wondering how to lead a healthy life, follow these tips!

1. Eat Less, Because We Can Always Eat More

Women eat giant cakes.

This new year begins with serving you less, at each meal. It does not mean that you will be left hungry, but that you will pay more attention to your internal signals of satiety. Many times, when filling the entire plate with food, we end up with all the food so as not to waste or simply because once on our plate we can no longer say enough or stop.

Little girl eats a lot of spaghetti.

For this reason, serve yourself half of what you would regularly serve yourself. Before going for a second serving, ask yourself if you're really still hungry or if it's just habit or gluttony. It sounds easy, but it's actually a bit difficult, so be patient and learn to define when you are satisfied.

2. Colors

They say that love enters through the eyes and the palate, so take this opportunity to make you fall in love or make your family or partner fall in love with both senses.

To have a healthy life, fill your plate with colors. Serve vegetables of various colors and different textures. Don't limit yourself to the brown color of the beans or the white of the rice. Or the green or red color of a chili meat. Add vegetables to the rice such as carrots and bell peppers. Add different shades of green to meats, such as: broccoli or spinach, as well as cauliflower and mushrooms. Also, you can accompany your dishes with more traditional colors, such as a nopal and zucchini salad. It is one of the simplest healthy habits! Don't you think

3. Sweeten Your Life Naturally

Sugary drink that is not a healthy habit to consume.

This is one of the healthy habits with great relevance. You've probably heard about the importance of reducing your sugar intake, because it starts little by little. If you currently drink 4 sodas or juices a day, reduce your intake to 3 and replace the quarter with a glass of water. If you don't like the taste of the water, add slices of natural fruit to give it flavor. After a few weeks, have 2 sodas or juices and 2 glasses of water. After a while, your sugar intake continues to decrease. Gradually, you will see that it is less complicated and you will achieve a healthy life this new year.

4. Expand Your Palate

Hindu food for a new year.

Implementing this habit will be a lot of fun. In this new year, dare to try traditional dishes from other cultures; In this way, you will discover different ways to include vegetables and add color to your meals. For example, Mediterranean food is usually high in fiber and vegetables. As well as Asian food, beyond the Chinese try Thai and Indian.

5. Positive Thoughts

Woman thinks positive.

Honestly, it is difficult to change our habits and more difficult to maintain healthy habits. But once you've taken the first step, stay positive! Don't be afraid to start over, if you fall.

On the other hand, you must be realistic; For example, if you said you would give up the soda, start with one, this increases the chances that you will succeed, since quitting in one fell swoop is difficult. If you start little by little, once you manage to take one less you can move to take two less and so on. Doing it this way increases self-confidence and therefore makes us feel capable of achieving our goals.

Have a day with healthy habits.

So now you know, this new year work on improving your health by implementing healthy habits and thus you will achieve a better quality of life and health!

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