Meet The Most Innovative Steve Jobs Architectural Project

apple spaceship

This is how Apple's Godínez work.

Apple has always set the trend when it comes to technological advancements. Although it has also positioned itself as a reference in terms of the work environment and the innovation of its facilities, with an unrivaled modern office design.

But no project has been as big and ambitious as the new Apple Park.

Apple Spaceship

Modern Apple Park Office Design.

Apple Park, the most comprehensive modern office design in recent times, is the company's new headquarters. In addition, it is the last architectural project of Steve Jobs. So his build had to be as extraordinary, as was this character.

Apple Park was named by Steve Jobs as the "spaceship" and has been recognized in Silicon Valley under this name. This gives us an idea that it is an unusual architecture. If we add to the equation that the design belongs to the British Norman Foster, we have as a result a futuristic and revolutionary complex.

Apple Park is shaped like a ring and, instead of walls, it has windows that are curved glass.

The design breaks the square scheme of any building, since it actually looks like a spaceship that covers 260 thousand square meters, just for offices!

And to think that the Apple company started in a simple garage with Steve Jobs and a few other collaborators.

100% Renewable Energy

renewable energy in the apple spaceship

From Apple's spaceship, it not only dazzles its circular design, but also its functionality. Well, it will operate exclusively with renewable 100% energy.

The roof has solar panels that provide 17 megawatts of energy. It will also use recycled water and share the supply with the city of Cupertino.

On the other hand, in its surroundings it will have more than 9 thousand trees resistant to droughts. It is worth mentioning that these trees were chosen by the famous and renowned Apple Official Gardener, David Muffly. Which has been named by Steve Jobs himself as "The Tree Whisperer" (The Enchanter of Trees).

david muffly

It will be an incredible sight! from the windows.

As if that were not enough, the structure allows air to circulate inside, ventilating in a natural way and without the need for air conditioning. This, in addition to saving energy, will allow you to always be fresh inside, have better oxygenation and, therefore, ideas can flow better!

Homer trying to be creative.

For the interior design, Jobs was very precise that only certain types of maple wood of the highest quality will be used. These types of details make Apple Park completely ecological and extraordinary.

windows spaceship apple

It is worth mentioning that Apple Park is not finished yet, but over 6 years it has already made great progress, so some employees already operate from the new Apple offices. At the end of the work, it is estimated that it will house up to 12 thousand workers.

Thought About Creativity

Steve Jobs envisioned Apple Park as a hub for creativity and collaboration. And many architects are now working on the building under great global pressure, this being the last project the iPhone inventor set up just before he died.

“I wanted Apple Park to become the home of innovation for generations to come. The workspaces and green spaces were designed to inspire our team and protect the environment, ”according to Tim Cook, the current CEO.

Apple's modern office design has set a trend among different companies. Well, it gives the guideline to establish efficient, sustainable and innovative workspaces and put aside formality.

workers on campus apple

In addition to the traditional cafeteria, Apple Park will offer its workers a gym and a garden with trees, jogging and cycling tracks. Wouldn't you want to be an Apple “godin” either?

Tribute To Steve Jobs

An architectural work of this nature could not ignore the mastermind that shaped it. So, in honor of Jobs's memory, an auditorium was contemplated, which will bear his name.

It also consists of a cylindrical glass architecture. This will be located at the top of a hill, one of the highest points within Apple Park. It will have space for a thousand people and a roof made of carbon fiber.

spaceship apple

Its inauguration to the public was on November 17, but details of its construction are still missing.

Without a doubt, it would be wonderful to work there or, at least, to see the facilities, which, fortunately, will be open to the public! Of course, partially and with certain restrictions. There will be an Apple store and several cafes within the building.

the chavo del 8 saying that that that

Today, only the architectural building is already part of the tourist attraction of Cupertino, California.

Steve has made it clear once again that when it comes to technology and innovation, Apple will always be the queen and mother of all companies!

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