The 7 Incredible Benefits Of Yoga In The Water

Women doing aqua yoga mat in a pool and in the sea, enjoying the benefits of yoga in the water.

Has your boring gym already fed you up? This new trend will enchant you.

Doing yoga in the water has multiple benefits, plus it can be a lot of fun. You just need a water mat and voila!

What is Aqua Yoga Mat?

If you have ever taken a yoga class you will know that it is wonderful. I started with Bikram Yoga and the results are incredible. And it is that working on breathing is the best thing you can do for your body.

Today a trend emerged that combines my two favorite things: yoga and water. To do this, they basically created a mat that can float on water, so you can practice on any water surface.

Some think that water yoga is boring, or that it is a sport for grannies who exercise in pools at 8 in the morning.

But I promise you that if you try, you will see that practicing yoga on water is not easy! And yet, you will get a body of envy!

7 Benefits Of Yoga In The Water

1. Balance

They say that being happy is feeling in balance. Well, when we learn to stay calm and control our body, everything in life is much easier!

Yoga in the water is excellent for balancing exercises, because the main challenge is not to fall into the water! If you don't do the routines well, you will have to get back on the mat over and over again. But this, in addition to being fun, is the element you need to take your body to a second level.

After a couple of sessions you will see the incredible result.

2. Weight Loss

before and after of a woman who lost weight due to yoga

When you do specific exercises to improve your balance, such as yoga in the water, your body expends even more energy than in any other sport or activity.

By expending more energy and exerting yourself, your body loses a lot of calories. And so you can lose those little slices or extra pounds. How are you? The truth is, this is a better option than paying for a boring gym. Not either?

3. Heart Rate

Another benefit of yoga in the water is that it helps you accelerate your heart rate as it combines high and low intensity exercises.

This is excellent for improving your circulation and preventing heart problems. Also, it can be for all ages. Take your partner and raise their heart rate. You will see how both have fun like never before.

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4. Toning

If you think it is tougher to play sports on land, consider the following: water has 12 times more resistance than air. Therefore, you will have better results with a better effort. This is really amazing for your stomach and glute muscles.

The balance that this sport gives you will help you tone your entire body, much more effectively than a gym.

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5. Deep Breathing

The exercises are performed on a surface with water, where the oxygen level is much higher. It is for this reason that the body does not fatigue as easily, compared to traditional yoga exercises on the floor.

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Although you should consider that any yoga practice will help you improve your breathing. Well, it includes exercises: for the abdominal area, to support the movement of the diaphragm, and deep breathing techniques to eliminate stress, anxiety and insomnia.

After a 40 minute session of yoga in the water you will see that you will be able to sleep like a baby.

tiger sleeping like baby and sucking his thumb

6. For Pregnant Women

There is already a yoga trend for pregnant women. Well, doing breathing and balance exercises is perfect to get in harmony with the baby and benefits the stability of both the mother and the child.

In addition to this, according to some research, exercising in water, with swimming or hydro-gymnastics is very beneficial during pregnancy, mainly for reducing low back pain. Calms, relaxes and keeps the body in shape. In addition, it helps burn calories and improve circulation.

pregnant women exercising in water

Consider that pregnant women do not feel the weight of their belly so much when they are in water, since water is a medium where exercises do not reflect impact. In the case of the aqua yoga mat, the mat goes above the water, but it can be complemented with swimming or you can even practice yoga in the water with similar exercises. It will depend on your state of pregnancy. It is very important that you consult your doctor before formally starting any sport during this stage of your life.

7. Vitamin D

Finally, if you practice this sport in an outdoor pool, you can also get Vitamin D directly from the sun's rays. And better circulation due to the cool water temperature.

If you want to try it, you can find it as "Floatfit" classes, in some gyms. In Arizona there is also the incredible option of doing Paddle Board Yoga, which are the same exercises but in a Kayak. It is a very cool and relaxing experience for those who live in the arid desert.

And if you think it is just a mat, you are wrong. There are also all kinds of aquatic accessories, from balls, beds, and even custom inflatable designs. You can order the designs online at MaxoMil or buy the aqua mats in Aqua Flow Fit.

Some start classes in a pool under supervision. Once you become an expert, you can practice it even in a lake! The truth is very worth it. Don't you think

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