California Intenta Proteger A 3 Millones De Indocumentados

California Tries To Protect 3 Million Undocumented

Thanks to these initiatives, workers and immigrants will be able to be protected by law.

Because President Donald Trump maintains his plans to deport undocumented immigrants, some states are already taking action to protect their immigrants. Such is the case in California, where legislative initiatives such as SB 54 and AB 450 were proposed, which represent legal aid for immigrants.

These measures take on great relevance as they are the strongest anti-Trump laws in the entire United States.

SB 54 Law

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SB 54, also known as the "California Securities Law." It was created to protect approximately three million undocumented immigrants who are at risk of detention and deportation under the Trump administration.

This measure, promoted by the president of the Senate in California, Kevin de León, prohibits state and local police officers from using their resources, including money, facilities, property, equipment or personnel, to help with the application of immigration laws.


Less Arrests

Police officers will no longer leave their primary responsibilities to arrest day laborers, students, waitresses or garroteros who are often detained without sufficient reasons, and denied legal help for immigrants.

SB 54 would prohibit asking about people's immigration status. In addition, it will avoid giving federal immigration authorities access to interview a person in custody or assist them in the application of immigration law.

More Peace of Mind

Latino immigrant family shows a portrait of mom, dad and children.

With this legal help for immigrants, undocumented parents will no longer have to worry about taking their child to the doctor or school.

The new law would prevent those institutions from reporting them to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Appropriate Complaints

On the other hand, in California, undocumented residents do not report criminals for fear of deportation. For this reason, criminals walk the streets of the state like nothing.

According to De León, with the initiative of the law SB 54 there will be fewer criminals on the streets. Well, there will be security to report the real criminals.

What is missing to be approved?

At the moment, the California Senate had 27 votes in favor and 12 against. With this historic vote, the proposal goes to the State Assembly where it would have to be approved. So that later it reaches the hands of the Governor and becomes law.

The AB 450 Law

Workers support AB 450 law in a march where they raise a banner that says "we are not criminals, we are workers."

Another legal aid for immigrants is proposal AB 450. Also known as the “Immigrant Worker Protection Act”. This law focuses on helping California's working class.

It is very important because it is estimated that 45% of agricultural workers are undocumented, as well as 30% of those who work in restaurants and 21% in construction. If those workers are deported, who will do the work?


More Confidentiality and Trust

AB 450 requires employers to ask for a court guarantee before allowing ICE to enter work sites. This would stop the raids on work sites

Protection Against Bad Employer Practices

This law also prohibits an employer from sharing confidential employee data to authorities without a court order.

Additionally, workers will be able to report to their employers if they violate work rules without having to worry about them reporting them to ICE.

What is missing to be approved?

The Democratic Assemblywoman from San Francisco, David Chiu, indicated that the bill AB 450 will be sent soon via “Assembly Message” to the Senate for debate and vote.

He added that this will fight the fear that workers suffer in their work for not having their papers.

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