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A Day Without Women: How Would The World Work Without Them?

The women's marches are approaching, but what would life be like if all of them disappeared?

A Message of Support for Latino Immigrants

For all those who sweat, suffer and strive for a better future.

The Success Behind "La La Land"

With much less money than Titanic, La La Land has received 14 nominations for an Oscar. How is it possible?

The Secret Formula To Win An Oscar (According To Psychology)

They say that winning an Oscar is a matter of merit. Be?

Is Tom Brady The Greatest NFL Player Of All Time?

Tom Brady won the 2017 Super Bowl. But was it enough to be considered the best of all time?

The Unexpected Reality Behind Valentine's Day

Although it is a day full of affection, suicides increase between 20%-25% during these dates. Why?

5 Controversial Characteristics Of The Best Prisons

Unlike other prisons, these have achieved great results by doing what you least expected.

Life In Canada: Is It Worth It To Move To This Paradise?

Life in Canada is ultimately how they paint it. But ... what will we do without the enchiladas?

Students Who Fill Phoenix with Pride

These eight students have achieved academic excellence and filled Phoenix with pride. It is time to recognize your effort and performance!

A Legal Immigration System… Flawed

The host of The Last Week Tonight criticized how complicated and complex the legal immigration system in the US is ... find out the details!

The Teachings Of “Rugrats” That Changed Our Life

Who would say that Tommy and his friends would give us so much wisdom.

What If Gandhi Were Mexican?

They say that India and Mexico are two drops of water. But we still have a lot to learn Latinos.

Males Don't Cry, But They Shoot

Did you know that 90% of mass murders are committed by men. Why does this happen?