Why Are Instant Pot Soups A Problem?

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The toxic monster of Maruchan soup against a Japanese ramen.

This soup contains 36 different ingredients. Find out why you shouldn't eat a single Maruchan!

Known as “egg soups”, instant soups have become very popular due to the ease and speed with which they are prepared. It only takes 3 minutes to make one of these soups.

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However, they have been in the eye of the hurricane due to their low nutritional level, as well as the harmful effects on the body. And there are certain ingredients that will make you not want to consume again not one more!

What Does Maruchan Soup Contain?

Maruchan soup taken with a fork.

Believe it or not, instant soups are a relatively new product on the market. Maruchan soup is the best known and most consumed, although there are several more. This brand has been in the market for 56 years and yes, it is originally from Asia, from Japan to be exact. But for years it has been made in the USA and distributed in several Latin American countries. So it could be said that it is famous all over the world.

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It seems such a rich and harmless soup. Well, it is so small and light that we do not stop to ask what it is made of.

But did you know that Maruchan soup contains 36 different ingredients? There are so many! And of these, three are different types of sugars and seven are different types of salts! I'll show you which ones to avoid right away.

Fake shrimp in Maruchan soups.

Mono Sodium Glutamate (MSG)

This ingredient is the sodium salt of glutamic acid, one of the non-essential amino acids in the body, as it occurs naturally in the body.

It has been used for decades to bring out flavors in food, such as Maruchan Soup. In addition, it has been shown that it can cause increases in body weight, as it interferes with satiety centers and causes individuals to eat voraciously.

Bisphenol A (BPA)

Among the most serious damage to Maruchan soup, the packaging is the worst. It contains a toxic industrial chemical that is used to harden plastic.

The structure of this chemical is very similar to the hormone estrogen. So it can adhere to its receptors, interfering with hormonal communication and causing negative effects in the body.

Heating plastic containers, one of the damages of Maruchan soup.

Also, it can cause a miscarriage. Of course, babies and children are the most vulnerable to this chemical.

On the other hand, there are studies that show a possible relationship in the increased risk of cancer.

Diablo savors his soup.

More studies are needed to confirm or deny these effects, but we may take precautions: prevention is better

High Sodium Content

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Another of the harmful ingredients that Maruchan soups contain, regardless of whether they are in a glass or bag, is a high salt content. Imagine that you will consume 1600-1800mg of sodium. More than the daily intake recommended by the American Heart Association. You better eat some taquitos with salsa, don't you think?

So what can be done?

  • Look for code 3 or 7 on the bottom of the plastic containers. These numbers are an indicator that they are made with BPA.
  • Opt for glass, porcelain, or stainless steel containers for hot food or liquids.
  • Avoid cooking in polycarbonate containers in the microwave.
  • Reduce your use of canned foods, by doing this you automatically lower the levels of salt and additives in your diet.

At the end of the day it is your decision, but if you are going to eat Maruchan soup you can take certain measures:

  • Fiber and vitamins: Add your favorite vegetable, preferably fresh. What the cup contains is not enough!
  • Share it: If you share it with someone you will consume less carbohydrates.
  • Throw away the packaging and cook it in a pot.

Better avoid these instant soups as much as possible and resort to a more natural diet. Opt for a homemade soup with Mexican ingredients.

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How about an Aztec soup or a rich consommé. The truth is, they are much better and nutritious!

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