Los Machos No Lloran, Pero Sí Disparan

Males Don't Cry, But They Shoot

Did you know that 90% of mass murders are committed by men. Why does this happen?

A few months ago, Stephen Paddock changed the course of gun history in America. You may still remember that sad news, Paddock murdered more than 50 people in Las Vegas in cold blood.

The perpetrator of the massacre fired shots from his room at the Mandala Bay resort, which also injured more than 500 people.

There are many discussions about it. Perhaps no legal modification has passed, but the terror has made many of us wonder, how long will these tragedies continue to happen?

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Killings By Gender

The main factor that unites the crimes committed for several generations in the USA is the fact that 90% of all murderers are men.

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According to statistics published by TIME magazine, since 1966, Americans have had 134 mass murders. Only three of these have been committed by women.

In Europe 4.9 women out of 100 thousand inhabitants and 20 men commit suicide, that is, more than four times! On the other hand, in America 2.7 women and 9.8 men do so.

In the United States alone, of the 33,000 annual deaths registered with firearms, more than 20,000 correspond to suicides, of which more than 16,000 involve men and 4,000 women.

Depressed man leaning his head on a wall.

Could it be that men are actually more "diabolical", as Mr. Trump would say, or maybe something is eluding us. Perhaps some important detail within this statistic.

What is the difference between men and women?

There is an isolated case that has attracted a lot of attention from several psychologists. It is a small town in Italy, where suicide and assault rates are much lower. Apparently it is a place where men are not depressed or wage war. Why?

An investigation was done which revealed that the male society in this place has the peculiarity of having support groups for men. There they express their emotions and their concerns. Something very rare for the macho canons who say that men should not cry, but apparently very effective.

If we think about it, it is true that they have a lot of pressure on their shoulders. As Latinos say: "Be a machín, men don't cry."

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They always have to be strong, rational, dominant, autonomous, independent, active, competitive, powerful, and invulnerable.

Emotions such as sadness, anxiety, helplessness, uncertainty or indecision must be controlled and compensated.

What we ask of them is not realistic. We cannot ask a person to hide their emotions forever. And it happens that by not knowing how to express them, they incur violence.

They display their hyperactivity at work, sports or by using alcohol in an addictive way to maintain the masculine facade. This is highly proven, but rarely related to crimes, like Stephen Paddock's.

The Devil vs Mental Health

A friend from high school was arrested for murder last year in Orange Country. All of us who knew him thought he was crazy. We didn't think he was capable of doing it. His name is Frank and he is only 26 years old. Together with a partner, he killed an entire family. It was a very sad case and very shocking to me.

Frank Felix and Josh Acosta, allegedly responsible for a murder in Fullerton, Oregon.

It made me realize how little I knew him. But I'm sure he didn't want his life to end this way. What must have happened to make him so unconscious? Probably his feelings must have overflowed and his family nucleus must have been absent.

With the news regarding Stephen, I wonder the same thing. Will you be friends with someone? What was his family like with him? What led you to such a decision? What did you feel when you shot?

Stephen Paddock, Las Vegas killer.

We will never know this. But we must ask ourselves this question.

What do you think? What drives these people to perform such desperate and irrational acts? Could it be that the devil possessed them, that they have no heart or that they were born evil individuals?

They say that men should not cry

I invite you to approach this problem of violence from a different angle. We lose nothing by trying. Consider that the weapons are going to change, the laws too. But the emotional pressure that we put on each of these people is the same.

Let your children cry. Let them talk about their emotions and their deepest desires. Seek that your friends talk about it. Not just video games or soccer.

Talk about your past, your family, your fears, your joys…. Well today we are alive, tomorrow who knows.

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We must stop thinking that men are bad from birth and that it is fun for them to ruin their lives. What's the point of killing, being in jail, or taking your own life? Better to approach the issue of mental health as a real problem. It's not the guns, it's not the devil. It is a matter of feelings.

Enough of the macho facade. Enough to believe that men are made of stone. That they cannot call each other as women would, and say: “I am sad. I want a hug".

Sylvester Stallone, in the movie Rocky hugs his friend.

Share this topic with your loved ones and invite them to express their emotions. Mental health and depression must no longer be stigmata.

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