6 Curious and Fun Products for Your Puppies

Puppy dressed as a king surrounded by new dog toys such as pooch selfie, puppies and cream and others.

When it comes to investing in our best friend, it is never enough.

We all know that today it is more common to have a dog than a child. That is why every day new products for dogs are invented that facilitate our coexistence. And the truth is, we can't stop spoiling them!

6 New Products and Toys for Homemade Dogs

Pooch Selfie

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If you want your puppy to come out smiling directly at the camera, Pooch Selfie is ideal for you. You can find this new dog toy directly at Walmart or Mercado Libre. At an approximate price of 600 pesos (35 USD).

Little dog wants to take a selfie with his owner.

It is a device that holds a bone or a ball and makes the dogs look directly at the screen and look very handsome in the photo.

Although, be careful! It can become an obsession.

Car Cover For Homemade Dogs

Sometimes it happens that to take your dog to the park or to a friend's house, your whole car ends up full of dog hair.

For those cases you can buy this mat for dogs.

Puppy rolls up in blanket.

You just fit it inside the car and voila! The seats will not get wet or hairy. It's also great for when you need to take him to the vet or if you have someone in the family who is allergic to dog hair.

The product comes in different sizes and materials. The price depends on it, although these dog covers are quite accessible on Amazon.

Water source

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You will never see a happier being than a dog playing with water. This is why these new homemade dog toys were created that work like a pedal, your puppy just has to press it and he can spend hours having fun.

Dog drinks water from a bottle.

In addition, it is a good option to keep them hydrated when you are away from home. Look it up like Doggie Fountain on Ebay.

Cold Bed

For those hot days, our poor house dogs suffer greatly from being so fluffy and unable to cool off. This is why these beds filled with cold water were created that are luxurious! Just sitting on it, they are filled with freshness and happiness.

Puppies cool off on a fan.

The truth will even make you envious and you will want one for yourself.

Look for it as “Cooling Mat” or “AquaCoolkeeper” on FerPlast, an excellent store with more than 300 products for pets.

eye! Remember that you do not have to throw the house out the window in these types of stores, you do not want to buy thousands of toys for dogs, no matter how cute they look. Try to find the most appropriate for your pet.

Backpack For Homemade Dogs

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Surely you have seen with amazement those dogs that go on the back of their owners while they happily go on the bike. And it is that these backpacks for dogs are the wave! You just put it on your back and you can take your friend anywhere!

Puppy on a wooden horse.

You can buy it at Frida & Chelsee, the online store where there are more than 100 kinds of backpacks. Find the one that is ideal for your puppy. And forget about carrying the little one in a Birkin.

Puppies & Cream

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And because we do not get tired of making life tastier for dogs ... now we are also inventing ice cream for dogs.

Puppies & Cream sounds as appetizing as Ben & Jerry's. Only that these ice creams were designed by zootechnicians, that is, specialists in animal feeding.

We commonly share dessert with our pet, however lactose can harm puppies.

Puppy eating popsicle.

On the other hand, the Puppies & Cream ice creams are made with rice cream. This makes them nutritious and harmless.

There are even flavors of apple, amaranth, peanut butter and red berries. So the next time your puppy's mouth is watering from your dessert, better have one of these ready!

Among so many products, the truth is that you don't even want to have a baby anymore. It is more fun to have a home puppy because they are always happy! Don't you think

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