Ecopipo, The Incredible Brand Of Organic Baby Diapers

Ecopipo, The Incredible Brand Of Organic Baby Diapers

Forget the horrible expense on diapers. This Mexican brand will change your life and that of your baby.

Babies are sweet… except when it's time to change their diapers.

And, beyond how ugly disposable diapers smell, they also damage the environment and your pocket!

For this, Ecopipo was created, a brand of ecological diapers for babies, which is also 100% Mexican!

4 Benefits Of Ecopipo Ecological Diapers

1. Savings!

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We all know that the biggest cost of a baby corresponds to that of diapers, this is what most affects the family economy when there is a little one at home. But with Ecopipo, you can forget about this.

He cost of an Ecopipo diaper It goes from 255 pesos (15 USD) to 600 pesos (35 USD), like the night time that is ultra absorbent. Perhaps the cost for a single diaper may seem high. However, the savings are reflected in the long term.

Baby throwing money.

It is proven that you could save up to 25 thousand pesos! in a matter of a couple of months. Keep reading and I will clarify how you can save with this brand of ecological diapers.

2. Durability

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It turns out that a single Ecopipo diaper can last you up to 4 years! They can be cleaned, washed and reused. But not like traditional cloth diapers, the ones our mothers hated because they had to be washed by hand. But the Ecopipo can be put in the washing machine so you don't get your little hands dirty. Amazing, right? My grandmother couldn't believe it.

Grannies dancing with happiness.

According to Ixchel Anaya, the founding mother of the brand, during the first two years of life a baby uses about 6 thousand disposable diapers. With Ecopipo you will use between 15-20 of these cloth diapers.

This simple aspect makes every Ecopipo diaper worth a lot.

2. Textile Technology

Before any product, in addition to the savings that can be generated, the most important thing for moms is the care of the baby's skin. So, don't worry because Ecopipo thought about all this.

The materials with which they make Ecopipo diapers They have an inner fabric that allows the baby to stay dry and protected, as they are made from microfiber and bamboo.

Panda eating bamboo branches.

While on the outside, the textile technology is waterproof and breathable. So no pee spills everywhere.

In addition, it contains clasps with which they can be adapted to the age of any baby. From the first month of birth to two and a half years.

4. Friendly With The Environment

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Ecopipo is wonderful. In addition to being cheap and gentle on the baby's skin, it is completely ecological.

The six thousand disposable diapers that a baby uses represent 660 kilos of garbage. This takes about 500 years to degrade.

Garbage trucks and garbage waste.

By reducing the consumption of diapers, the amount of garbage is reduced.

The fabric made of bamboo is completely biodegradable!

An Enterprising Mom

Ixchel Anaya, founder of Ecopipo, a brand of ecological diapers.

The history of Ecopipo is worth mentioning, because all the benefits it offers can only be present in the mind of a Latin mom (because we know how awesome they are).

Ixchel Anaya had to resort to cloth diapers when she discovered that her son had atopic dermatitis and disposable diapers were torture for her little one.

She began designing cloth diapers and researching the textile technology that would best support her son's skin care. Until he got the perfect result and founded Ecopipo.

After eight years, your company has spread internationally.

Fighting mother.

The production of diapers is almost 4 thousand per month. Of these, the 80% is distributed in Mexico, while the rest is exported to countries such as Canada, the United Kingdom, Peru, Argentina, Colombia and Ecuador. It is worth mentioning that, in 2016, Ecopipo was positioned in the top 5 of the best ecological diapers in the United Kingdom.

In Mexico, it has 350 distributors, who are actually moms who recommend this brand of organic diapers by word of mouth, and in this way they also start a business.

Amazing story, don't you think? In addition to reusable diapers, Ecopipo sells training pants, swimming diapers, blankets, bibs, ecological detergents, bags to deposit dirty diapers and washable sanitary napkins. All you need for your baby!

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So don't spend any more, contact the Ecopipo team on their website and choose, from among the more than 20 designs, the one you like the most for your baby.

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