The Honest But Controversial Candidate For Arizona Governor

Arizona gubernatorial candidate Noah Dyer.

Noah wants to improve education and immigration in Phoenix, but his honesty could cost him everything.

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Politicians are always a mystery. Between speeches and dark intentions, they can drive us crazy. But we must accept that we are all political animals, as Aristotle would say. And we have to get involved in the decisions that will be part of our daily life.

In Arizona right now there is a controversial case, since a citizen has been nominated who came to break various stereotypes of politics. His name is Noah Dyer.

Who Is Noah Dyer?

Noah Dyer has worked as a psychologist, commentator and even as a video game teacher. Many consider it a bit strange that he now wants to get into politics. In addition, he has been the only candidate for governor who opted for a new strategy: that of taking all the clothes out in the sun himself. Strange no?

Clothes are dried in the sun on a clothesline in Steven Universe.

He admitted to having sex with a married woman, participating in orgies, and owing $ 100,000 on a student loan. This got everyone out of the loop. How is it possible that a candidate for governor dares to announce this?

However, it would be hypocritical to think that he is the only man on the planet who had sex with a married woman or who owes money. As many Latinos say, "Let the one who is free from sin cast the first stone."

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So, I gave myself the task of talking to him. I wanted to know, beyond what people think of him and his excessive transparency, what are his political proposals and if he is a candidate who can make a difference in Arizona.

Without reaching conclusions, I will leave you the interview I had with this politician.

Exclusive Interview With Noah Dyer, Candidate For Governor Of Arizona

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1. What led you to politics? And how do you think your experience in different areas can help Phoenix, AZ?

What got me into politics is the fact that no politician has addressed the issue of how complex the tax system and public education are. Almost no politician does what he promises.

I am not perfect, but I am intelligent, with creative ideas and with a desire to serve other people. So I'm going to run and see if people vote for me.

A ball votes.

Currently, governors treat politics as if it were a business, but there are other ways to solve problems than only looking at the financial side and by those who already have economic power.

2. What strategy are you considering to evolve education in Arizona?

There is much talk about the freedom of being able to choose the school we want for our children. It is true that this freedom must exist, but this is currently being solved by sending the children away to better schools, which are private. So the root of the problem is not being solved. Nearby public schools have to be improved, not just given the option of going further afield.

Anime showing a girl studying very hard.

I feel like we have to invest in public schools and we have to give teachers more flexibility. The current system does not give teachers enough power, so they are seen with their hands tied within a system of rules, instead of being able to have the freedom to teach them the human part so that children are more critical and not just follow one system.

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3. Considering that 30% of the population in Arizona is Latino, what approach have you had with this community and what would be your position regarding immigration issues?

It seems to me necessary that they consider facilitating immigration when people are looking for a better life and it is people who want to work. I lived in Costa Rica for two years and met many Latino people, especially some friends who tried to come to the United States. I see that these are people who want to build a better life. And it's our strict rules that force them to come illegally.

Border patrols on the border.

I would like to be able to help these people, not only because they are Latino, but because they are people who work hard and who do whatever it takes to achieve a better life for themselves and their families.

On issues of sustainability and the environment, you have indicated that you are in favor of investments in infrastructure. What would your strategy be as a candidate for governor of Arizona?

We have to invest more in solar energy technology and less in hydropower. They recently closed programs so that people could put solar panels in their homes and receive a refund.

Solar panels.

Normally these panels save more energy than is consumed, so that remaining excess goes to the company that provides the service, and that charges to receive it, when in fact they should pay for it. There are small rules that could change in this process so that we continue to grow with our commitment to the environment and to new generations.

5. What sources of inspiration have you found in other countries, and how do you think Arizona can benefit from an imitation of foreign economies.

What we see in other countries and their economic or military policies is the result. For example, in Japan there is much less difference between CEOs and employees. And we also see that there is a lot of technology and innovation. So, it can be understood that inequality is not necessary to achieve progress.

Scales are tampered with and become unequal again.

Higher taxes are paid in Norway, but people are satisfied with their government and take advantage of those taxes. There they earn more per head than we earn here in the USA. So you have to break the myth of taxes, and know how to better manage them so that here we are also happy with the government.

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6. One of the problems Arizona has is that it is unattractive to young people. What would be your strategy to increase tourism and foreign investment?

Tourists and young people want places that accept them as they are. Here in Arizona our past leaders have given us a bad reputation for speaking ill of the Latino community or the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community.

When people speak badly, it makes me feel like this place is not a place where I can be myself, or go out to another place or things like that.

Protest of love and peace.

Not just for young people. If not also for companies, they want to be located where many lifestyles are accepted and have attractive factors for everyone. The reality is that here in Arizona, people are very laid back and the vast majority accept others for who they are. Few reject lifestyles that are not the same as their own.

I want to help people understand that, contrary to what they have heard, here they can have fun, go for a walk, find attractive things, and above all, here they can be themselves and have a full life. That is what I want.

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