What's Special About The Galaxy S8?

Samsung S8 water resistant phone.

Everyone is talking about the new Samsung Galaxy S8. Find out why this device is so highly anticipated!

Today, it is more difficult to be without a cell phone than without a partner. And it is that mobile technology has advanced to such a degree that having and showing off the most recent model makes us more and more crazy. A particular and incredible case is the new Samsung Galaxy S8, which with its presentation on March 29 in London and New York, caused the madness of the whole world.

The Best Features Of The New Samsung Galaxy S8


The symmetrical design of the Samsung S8 is very novel, since the screen allows you to see the contents like never before. In addition, its symmetrical design avoids the problems of curved cell phones. So we just focus on enjoying the experience!


32GB storage is the market standard. But Samsung takes it a step further with the Galaxy S8, now offering double that storage (64GB).

Wireless charging

IKEA table with the ability to recharge phones without wires.

Other cell phones like the LG G6 already offer this feature, but not worldwide. The Samsung S8 brings the wireless charging function, no matter where you buy it.


The S8 will be the first phone in the world to integrate the Bluetooth 5.0 function, which has a range of 200 meters.


A person in GTA V throwing an explosive phone, brand Samsung Galaxy 7, at the police.

Boy, it is a luxury to have a phone that recognizes your eyes perfectly. Not even your girlfriend could do this! Also, consider that it is almost impossible for two eyes to be the same, so security is as effective, as putting your fingerprint, only more father!

Although, after the scandal of the iris reader of the Galaxy Note 7, the company now seeks to offer more security to its customers in their new equipment, as is the case of the S8. We will have to wait for the result of this peculiarity.


Camera comparison with the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone.

Lately, Samsung has offered the best cell phone cameras we've seen. And, although the company did not make major changes with the S8, the experience in photographic technology of its equipment gives us certainty of a very good quality.

Now they include the "Autofocus" function, which recognizes the faces in a photograph, so they will all come out well focused on the same image.

In addition, the new Samsung Galaxy S8 offers high dynamic range (DHR) images and gives you the option to adjust parameters like a professional photographer, including shutter speed, exposure, color tone, manual focus and white balance. . This is great for all hipsters who hate auto mode.

Virtual Assistant (Bixby)

Samsung's new virtual assistant, Bixby, can only be used on the Samsung S8.

Bixby does not compete with Siri, but focuses on controlling different functions of the interface, instead of looking only for information. Interesting, right?


Galaxy S7: Water and dust resistant

It does not matter if you wet it in a distraction or venturing out into the world. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is waterproof and with our Global Unlimited service you can share your photos without surcharges while you are roaming in over 145 countries or destinations. http://ow.ly/ZOLya

published by T-Mobile Puerto Rico in Terça, March 22, 2016

We know that this option is great for all of us who are a little distracted.

The S8 has a higher certification than the iPhone 7. This is because not all high-end cell phones are water resistant and, therefore, fail to offer the package of functions and design that Galaxy offers.

Price and Operators

Symbols of the past. Some are very powerful. Are there still #cabs #telefonicas?

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Details of pricing and availability with carriers have not been disclosed. Although the estimated price ranges between 800 euros, a little above the price of an iPhone 7 (760 euros). Yes, this is equivalent to almost 16,000 Mexican pesos. Crazy right?

Samsung S8 Launch

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 will be available for purchase until April 21 and in Mexico we can receive it until May 5 (I know, there is no crying).

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