The Sad Case of «El Borrego Viudo»

Taquería El Borrego Widowed handcuffed.

Before eating at this Mexican taqueria, join us to see this sad story.

If you are a lover of tacos in the early morning (to cure the hangover), you better read this. Recently, the Mexican taqueria "El Borrego Viudo" has been part of a controversial case.

Sara Aguilar, from Señora Acero, surprised.

Go ahead and I'll tell you what all the gossip is about and what you can do to avoid this type of tragedy in Mexico.

The Widowed Sheep

In Mexico City there is a very famous taqueria with this name, which opened its doors since 1969. At that time, Mexicans could enjoy delicious tacos al pastor with red sauce. The taquería is known for its history and for the fact that they offer service even in the early morning hours, so they are ideal for curing hangovers or continuing the party. For this reason, many consider it the best taqueria in the city.

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However, a case was recently opened against this Mexican taqueria because it is linked to the famous group of extortionists called “Unión de Tepito”. Yes, apparently now the taco business is associated with crime as well.

A man grabbing money.

The owner of the place, Villagrana Camarena, said that since 2013 a group of armed men took possession of the place. And now they charge rents to keep selling.

This type of extortion is increasingly common in Mexico City, especially in places or restaurants that leave a lot of money.

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For this "work", the Union of Tepito obtains profits of approximately 300 thousand pesos a month, which they use to acquire drugs or invest in the purchase of other premises.

Mexican Drunk Tacos

Drunk man saying: if you already know how I get on, why do you invite me?

One reason El Borrego Viudo became so popular is because Mexican drunks love taquitos at midnight. Anyone who has had that voracious feeling of hunger when leaving a party and seeing a little taco al pastor will know what I'm talking about.

La Roca (The Rock) smelling tacos.

Just this month, Mexico broke the Guinness Record together with Uber, delivering 1,230 kilos of meat, that is 40 thousand tacos, in a single day! It is therefore not surprising that this industry is also a target of corruption.

Consider that a kilo of pork leg, wholesale, is available at around 60 pesos and can be made between 40-45 tacos. While a kilo of tortilla you get it in 14 pesos. The real cost of a taco is between 1.78 and 2.06 pesos, according to Excelsior data.

Even in the large taquerías in Mexico like El Califa, El Tizoncito and El Borrego Viudo sell each taco for up to 15 pesos! They make a profit of more than 800%. Good business right?

Donald Duck walking and counting his money.

INVEA vs El Borrego Viudo

The case of the Widowed Sheep was a shameless one. Since, despite being linked to the Unión de Tepito, the taqueria closed its doors for only 45 minutes! There were dozens of police officers outside the premises fighting the employees.

Police outside the Mexican taqueria El Borrego Viudo.

Even the Administrative Verification Institute (INVEA) forced them to close, but the Borrego Viudo taquería paid a deposit of 100,000 pesos in exchange for the business to reopen. Apparently the taqueros in Mexico have a lot of power!

It is sad to see that even in the best tacos we see crime cases associated. As consumers we must be vigilant.

Certifications for Tacos in Mexico

If you come to Mexico, you should know that taquitos are still delicious, regardless of the owner. But there are several processes in the country to certify both the meat product and the establishment. They are for example the TIF certification for meat and ISO Certification for restaurants.

Quiqo saying: Aaah good, so yeah.

There are also other recognitions in Mexico for restaurants such as the National Quality Award, Socially Responsible Company (ESR) and the Five Star Diamond Award, among others. The best thing you can do to avoid money laundering is to always inform yourself and look for restaurants of the highest quality.

If you want to put your own taqueria, seeing that it is a good business, you can follow the page of Entrepeneur. There you will find the business plan, as well as all the instances and products necessary to open your store correctly.

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Finally, if you need new recommendations for some delicious taquitos to avoid the nostalgia of the Viudo Sheep, there are: El Villamelón, El Meson Taurino and Porfirio's.

In my opinion, they are the best Mexican food restaurants. You will not regret it!

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