Laser Weapon, A Reality In The USA

Use of new military technologies such as a Star Wars laser beam.

It is no longer Star Wars fiction ... Now the US Army has its own laser beam!

Star Wars fans have always wanted a lightsaber. Although we settle for a toy that only glows and makes sounds. But, the United States Navy made this dream come true. Well, recently it successfully demonstrated the use of new military technologies.

Fighting like a star wars jedi.

It is not a sword, but it is a weapon that works as a laser beam, the first in the world and one of the most powerful!

The Laser Weapons System

The Laser Weapons System, known by the acronym LaWS, is not tested nor is it a prototype, it is already working! And it can be used at any time. It is found on a Navy ship sailing in the waters of the Persian Gulf. That is, it is a fixed laser beam on a ship.

The US Navy Afloat Forward Staging Base (Interim) USS Ponce (AFSB (I) -15) conducts an operational demonstration of the…

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How does it work?

Contrary to the Star Wars movie, the LaWS system does not contain red or green bursts of light. Rather, it is an invisible, constant, super fast energy beam that also does not fail.

Unlike other weapons, the US Navy laser beam has the advantage of traveling at the speed of light. That is, 50 thousand times more than the speed of a ballistic missile.

Harry Potter characters panic.

During the tests, the sailors said that nothing is seen when firing. Only when the target starts to catch fire.

"It is more accurate than a bullet," said Captain Christopher Wells in an interview with CNN, who is in charge of directing the operation of this laser beam.

This is a very versatile weapon. It can be used against a variety of targets whether air or ground, even over the sea, as they did in the tests. Also, atmospheric conditions don't matter. Whether rain, thunder or lightning in the sky, the laser beam works flawlessly.

The power of the shot has several modes. It can emit dazzling flashes and act as 'warning shots'. Or, to higher powers, that disable the threat or even destroy the objective.

Like a video game

This is how simple this laser weapon is to operate. Well, it consists of a console with several screens and a control similar to that of a PlayStation.

The objective is previously defined and as if it were a video game, it is only necessary to shoot and wait for the damage.

person using control of laser weapon system

All that is needed to operate the LaWS system is a source of electricity, which is derived from its own small generator and a crew of three.

A Powerful and Economical Weapon

The cost of LaWS was $ 40 million. It doesn't seem cheap at first glance. However, projecting a single missile can cost $ 2 million. While firing a shot of this laser beam costs less than a dollar!

Sara Aguilar, from Señora Acero, surprised.

And faced with the use of new military technologies at the international level, the United States needs to respond with effective weapons, speaking of both the military and the financial.

This country spends more than any other country in the world on defense, with an annual military budget of around 600 billion dollars.

So LaWS seems to be a good solution to the US military budget spending. With mass production, the cost of the 40 million dollars will have to be reduced.

Here's how, once again, reality is stranger than fiction! More and more powerful weapons are being designed and produced with very precise destructive ranges. At the rate we are going, surely a war in the galaxies will not be so distant.

scene from the movie star wars

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