Fun Facts About Typical Mexican Stereotypes

Super Mario characters with typical Mexican regional hats.

Costeño, chilango, norteño or mocho… You, what kind of Mexican are you?

For foreigners, the Mexican is a male dressed as a mariachi who sings, drinks and lazy. While the woman is "quiet, shy and innocent, she has the look" (as that cumbion from Los Ángeles Azules says). However, everyone who lives in Mexico should know that there are different types of Mexicans. We have earned these stereotypes ourselves!

Most Common Mexican Stereotypes

Costeño Pelado, A Much Honor Wey!

Hats on Chachalacas Beach, Veracruz, Mexico.

In all the coasts of the country and mainly in Veracruz, the stereotype centers on the way of speaking. Well, this is made up of a whole encyclopedia of rudeness that adorn the streets with such flowery language (does it have something to do with being next to the "Gulf" of Mexico?). The people of the coast are characterized by saying things very directly, without mincing the tongue, chili!

And imagine that these types of Mexicans flag the veracruzanos with pride. So much so that the Alvaradeña Academy of Language exists. Characters such as Camilo José Cela, Salvador Novo and Armando Jiménez have been at this Academy. It was formed by writers and intellectuals who use "bad words" and other popular words in their texts.

But why Alvaradeña? Well, because Ciudad Alvarado, in Veracruz, is the most stripped-down city in Mexico. A site where there are even rude, bad language and cursing contests.

Patricio Estrella in front of a rude man.

The truth is that there is rudeness to rudeness. Swearing in Mexico is culturally acceptable. Steal millions from the treasury, as did Javier Duarte, a PRI member from Veracruz, that is a reverend mentioned.

Poblanos Mochos (Only the Poblanos?)

Woman crossing herself.

Another common Mexican stereotype is that of "mocho" or "chest blows." This term is used to refer to the most closed and extreme ideologies of the Catholic far right. They are those people who follow the “Carreño Manual” to the letter, that text guide that gives instructions on how to behave correctly in society, so as not to violate the very noble and good morals.

Puebla is generally considered the Mocha capital par excellence, because in the viceroyalty, unlike other cities in the country, Puebla was solely and exclusively for Spaniards.

This is how the most conservative mentality in the country was forged there. For this reason it is considered the "city of angels". Even its most famous shopping plaza is called "Angelopolis", do me the aforementioned favor. But are the poblanos the most mochos? Of course not! There are cities that today compete for kilometers.

To show this, it is worth visiting Toluca, where the houses still maintain ideologies from the 40's. Well, the young people don't speak, the man eats first and everyone obeys the priest.

Snow White scared.

Or how about a look at Guadalajara, the place where the Yunque was born, a neo-Nazi group created in Mexico after the Second World War.

And of course Aguascalientes, a place where life stops to go to mass and pharmacies still refuse to sell birth control pills.

Snow White runs to the forest.

Compared to other states, Puebla lives in debauchery. The Virgin Mary!

Northerners Avaros, And Up The North! (And if not, see a map)

During the 19th century, the royal muleteers used to hold the money bags on their elbows so that the coins would not rattle in front of the bandits and bandits in the area. Hence, the tied up, the marros and the misers are called elbows.

Thinking that Northerners are greedy is one of the best-known Mexican stereotypes in the country, and yet one of the most false.

Woman goes shopping.

The regios or norteños are the same elbows as the Yucatecans and the Chilangos, that is to say ... normal. No more no less. However, many insist on saying that they are the worst. Although one theory says that the rest of the country sees the Northerners in this way because of its proximity to the USA. And the invisible envy that they think they are gringos and not countrymen.

And it is that historically, while Benito Juárez fled the War of the Reform hiding all over the country, at some point he arrived in Monterrey where he met with a group of liberal friends. There Don Beni asked for a coperacha to continue his way to New Orleans.

But according to legend, his friends refused. Well, the country seemed better managed with Maximiliano than with Juárez. And after the Liberals won the Reform War and Juárez returned from his forced vacation, PUM!… The gossip spread that Northerners are elbows (Regio elbow, Mexican gossip).

Beauty Tapatia, The High (and Beautiful) Of Jalisco

The European genetic heritage that dominates in Guadalajara has made it possible for the maximum Mexican stereotype of beauty to be found there. Guadalajara is full of good-looking people (or at least what Mexico was told was beautiful).

When something is so beautiful that it makes you cry.

For both men and women, the stereotype of the beautiful from Guadalajara is the reason why many Mexicans run to seek luck in love in this state. And it is not only a rumor, Jalisco has been the state that has won the crown of "Our Beauty" the most times and has managed to export the most beautiful Latin models of the Top Model.

Tall women with tanned skin, stunning curves and completely black straight hair. Tall men, thick chest hair and mustache, massive, stocky and virile. A stereotype that handsome Squidward himself could never compete with.

Make Homeland! Kill A Chilango

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And finally, one of the quintessential Mexican stereotypes: the one who lives in Mexico City and who is hated in the rest of the republic, for this simple fact. Although not everything is so easy for us privileged ones, because today we Chilangos are victims of the centralist nopal culture.

The most elegant restaurants, the great plays, the most sought-after housing complexes ... Everything is in the CDMX.

City of the dead in the movie Coco.

Until a few years ago, BY LAW (literal), the premieres had to arrive first at CDMX. Hence, most of its inhabitants consider that beyond this place, everything is a province.

Monuments in Mexico City.

Ah, but with great power comes great evil. And it is that the chilango is also considered the naco, the bad taste kitch, the reggaetonero, the tepiteño, the one with a cantadito accent, the fanatic of the Virgencita de Guadalupe and San Juditas. And although in reality the rest of the republic does not care what happens in the city, the inhabitants of the disappeared Federal District tattoo the Americanist phrase of: "Hate me More" in their souls.

Club America logo stylized in glitter.

So now you know, in the battle of Mexicans against Mexicans, to see who is more mocho or naco, more beautiful or bald, stereotypes are the order of the day. But in the end, a Mexican will always distinguish himself from the rest of the world. For being the most beautiful and cool being on this earth (according to our dear mamacitas).

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