NASA and Its Attempt to Stop the End of the World

Dramatization of the erupting Yellowstone caldera.

The Yellowstone volcano is in the sights of NASA, find out why.

Painting by Ángel Ortiz called "Mayas 2012 Masters of Time".

Ancient cultures predicted it, the world has had several fatal destinies. It has been ruled by giants, it has succumbed to the power of water and is a victim of the stars.

Allegorical language doesn't help much, but it's all true. It has been ruled by dinosaurs, perished flooded by frozen water during the ice age, and a meteorite wiped out almost all life on its surface.

Supervolcano in Yellowstone National Park.

All that is very good, if it weren't for another prediction that is more real than we imagine: the protagonist of the next end of the world will be fire, rather a volcanic eruption.

The Next End Of The World

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According to scientists, everything would start in the United States. Specifically in Yellowstone National Park. They call it the Yellowstone caldera. It is actually a super volcano that has a depth that ranges between 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) and 15 (9 miles); and is 90 km (55 miles) long and 30 (18 miles) wide, whose eruption would be fatal for everyone.

Its past eruptions, several years ago, formed places like Mary Bay or Indian Pond.

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If the volcanic eruption comes true, the blast wave alone would sweep 60 kilometers (37 miles) around. But the real concern would not be this. The dangerous thing would be the millions of tons of ash scattered 800 kilometers (497 miles) around. Well, these would hide much of the surface of the continent, which would lead to a drastic increase in the temperature of the planet.

These conditions would lead to a "nuclear winter" on earth. This would mean that the rays of light could not cross the ash cloud, the harvest fields would dry up and a famine would begin of which the USA would be the most affected.

As a domino effect, this problem would spread to other countries. Eventually, the world's population would drop dramatically. This scenario makes us wonder if this would be the end of the world, could it be possible?

It would far surpass the Santa Helena eruption in 1980. That is without taking into account that it could activate the circle of fire that goes from Patagonia to Japan.

The Plan To Avoid It

NASA Museum in Houston Texas.

NASA has a project to avoid the tragic consequences of the volcanic eruption that literally seems to come out of an elementary school child's notebook or granny's recipe book against fever: pour cold water on the volcano to lower the temperature.

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You don't have to break your head to go along with the plan. It is estimated that the temperature would drop 35% within the magma chambers.

The real challenge is how to do it.

Roll Safe from the "Hood Documentary" series points to his head.

I tell you that the plan is to drill 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) and pump water at high pressure. Thanks to the chimneys that have kept the volcano stable, the water would rise boiling which could be used to generate electricity.

The power of money

The whole plan is very nice, but there is something that puts a brake on expectations.

To study, drill, pump and complete artificial cooling, the minimum amount of 3.46 billion dollars is needed.

John Travolta inside a wallet of money.

How much is that? USA is the country with the largest military budget in the world. Before Trump proposed adding 54 million to the military, it received $ 596 billion. In other words, if a miniscule amount of this budget were allocated to the operation, it could be carried out.

Quico saying "oh well, so yes."

But!… NASA knows that it is impossible because the budget for this type of project does not work that way. So try to find private sponsors to help cool the boiler.

Fozzie Bear from the Muppets puts his hand to his face.

Is It Worth To Worry?

Of course not. From June 12 to August 26, 2017, about 1,562 tremors have been recorded in Yellowstone.

Partner in staging of Rocky Horror Picture Show on Glee.

The largest of them reached 4.4 degrees, on the Richter scale. And yet the experts at the US Geological Survey are not concerned.

The fact that the caldera will erupt soon is too unlikely. Furthermore, if no procedure is carried out and the volcano is left intact, even our children may not encounter such an explosion.

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An eruption of such magnitude occurs in the world 1 time every 100,000 years. So it is worth preventing, but we still have enough time.

Let's also consider that an explosion in Yellowstone occurs every 700,000 years. The last one was 640 thousand years ago, in theory, there are still 60 thousand years to go before the supposed catastrophe.

Judge Judy doesn't have time.

In addition, some skeptics consider that the plan is not well prepared. Well, even the boiler could be larger than expected, exceeding length expectations by 250 percent.

On the other hand, there are those who believe that intervening in Mother Nature could be counterproductive and could even accelerate the explosion, instead of preventing it.

Merida is tired and frustrated.

Meanwhile, NASA continues its fundraiser to quell the caldera fever before catastrophe catches up with us (or our distant descendants).

However, the haste and urgency with which NASA seems to announce it raise other questions to the air. Could it be that there is something else they don't want to tell us? Could this volvanic eruption be the end of the world?

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That could be another unsolved mystery. What do you think?

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