Ferrero Opens The Doors To His Exquisite Nutella Paradise

Nutella Café, Ferrero's new Chicago coffee shop that serves nutella desserts.

Make sure to stop by and try these nutella desserts if you happen to be around this place.

There is nothing more delicious in life than the sweet taste of chocolate and hazelnut spread, Nutella. A real treat for the palate!

And if you, like me, put Nutella in everything you can think of, then you want to know of a wonderful place where eating it day and night will be possible.

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It's about Ferrero, the Italian candy company that created the Nutella brand more than 50 years ago. At the end of last May, Ferrero opened the first Nutella Café in Chicago, the sweetest restaurant in the world.

Of course, the opening had to be in the city best known for its burgeoning culinary scene. So if you happen to be in Chicago, Nutella Café is a must. It is located at 151 North Michigan Avenue just steps from Millenium Park.

An Irresistible Menu: Desserts With Nutella

Of course the best thing about Nutella Café is the menu. It offers baguettes, yogurt, crepes, waffles, ice cream and fruit salad, ALL accompanied by the delicious cream!

How about a chocolate tart covered in crunchy hazelnuts? Perhaps you prefer to start the day with a lot of energy and eat a tasty waffle with chocolate, nutella and hazelnuts.

For those who are not so fond of sweets, there are also savory options such as Italian sandwiches and soups.

Nutella Cafe

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Beyond the menu, we must highlight the experience in this place.

The place has two floors and is decorated in such a way that it looks like you are inside a Nutella jar. The colors of this Nutella dessert shop are obviously red and brown. In addition, it has images of hazelnuts everywhere, of course, so that the craving starts from the visual!

“We wanted to create a world of Nutella for our fans where the essence of the brand could be captured. Not only in the cymbals, but in the complete experience from the moment they enter ”, declared the creators of this concept.

It is worth mentioning that it is the first of its kind worldwide. Or, do you know of another cafeteria service that can match this one?

Opening Day

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The inauguration was a sweet craze for the taste of Nutella. Around 400 people stood in long lines and waited up to three hours! to get to know this peculiar cafeteria during the first day of services.

Without a doubt, I would have expected that and more just to try these irresistible nutella desserts.

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What would you most like to find at Nutella Café? To me a delicious combination of Nutella ice cream served in a Nutella waffle. My mouth is watering!

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