The 4 Mexican Photographers Who Break Borders

Images of contemporary Mexican photographers.

These are the photographers who immortalize our Mexico.

The natural landscapes in Mexico are among the most impressive and varied in the world. So much so that its beaches, deserts, forests and volcanoes are the raw material and inspiration for contemporary Mexican photographers. These are the ones you should know since they are worthy of world recognition!

4 Most Outstanding Contemporary Mexican Photographers

1. Sergio Tapiro Velasco

Mexican photographer Sergio Tapiro Velasco.

This year, Mexican photographer Sergio Tapiro won first place in the annual contest of National Geographic magazine in the category “Best Travel Photographer of the Year”.

In his photograph, "The Power of Nature", Sergio captured the precise moment in which on December 13, 2015 an imposing lightning struck the Colima Volcano while it was erupting.


Winning photograph of the 2017 National Geographic contest by Sergio Tapiro Velasco.

This image got the attention of the National Geographic jury. Who did not hesitate to award him the prize of $ 2,500 and a 10-day trip to the Galapagos Islands.

In this regard, the magazine's photography editor and contest judge, Molly Roberts, described the photography as "a powerful moment captured in a beautiful way."

It is worth mentioning that this same image was the third place winner of the World Press Photo in 2016.

But, beyond his spectacular photography, Sergio leaves us an inspiring and very Mexican message:

Agnes as a Mexican screaming up Mexico.

«I am very proud to be Mexican, I am very proud to have been born here… I dedicate this joy to you… Do you have a dream? Come on, chase him, be persistent, fight for him. If this small triumph will inspire other Mexicans to work hard, push together, with their hearts, with pride, then this effort will have been worth something. The bricks are used to get on them and see in the distance, but you always have to get off to continue walking, "he wrote on his Instagram account, next to the winning image.

2. Pedro Valtierra

Pedro Valtierra, Mexican photojournalist.

Another of the most prominent contemporary Mexican photographers is this talented artist. Founder of Cuartoscuro magazine, an agency specialized in the dissemination of photojournalistic information.

Photograph of Pedro Valtierra, in which a girl pushes a soldier.

It witnessed socio-political events such as the wars in Central America, at the end of the 70s, and the migration from Chiapas. And as a good journalist, Pedro portrayed these moments and made important works of them. These were published in more than 300 exhibitions in different countries. His work has been exhibited all over the world, for which he has obtained awards such as the King of Spain International Journalism Award in 1998.

3. Pedro Meyer

Photographer Pedro Meyer.

He was not born in Mexico, but has been considered one of the pioneers and internationally recognized exponents of contemporary Mexican photography.

Pedro came to Mexico during the Spanish exile and I love our country so much that he decided to contribute his knowledge and become a Mexican citizen. He was one of the founders and president of the Mexican Council of Photography. His most recent project is the Cuatro Caminos Photo Museum forum, a venue that aims to be a hotbed for new Mexican photographers, as well as to promote new projects.

His proposal is interesting, as it seeks to question fiction and reality through black and white images. It states that all photographs, whether digitally manipulated or not, are both truth and fiction. For this reason, he has been considered a heretic, for not following the orthodox canons of documentary photography.

Empty lot photographed by Pedro Meyer.

But many of us love those "little black sheep" who like to oppose the whole world.

Edited image of Pedro Meyer.

4. Graciela Iturbide

She is considered the best Mexican photographer. She was born in Mexico City and began with the intention of becoming a film director. But he became convinced that photography was his thing.

Graciela Iturbide, visual artist.


His beautiful work, in which he mainly uses the contrast of black and white, consists of documenting the daily life of the Mexican indigenous peoples. Even most of his photographs are characterized by the simplicity of their composition and a great wealth of symbolism. This has allowed him to obtain recognition in different countries such as Germany and the USA.

Women kill chickens, portrayed by Graciela Iturbide.

He has received the Doctor Honoris Causa award in Photography from Columbia College Chicago, among other recognitions of great importance.

These are just some of the Mexican talents, witnesses of what happens in our Mexico and who have immortalized the beauty of this beautiful country in images. What is your favorite?

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