6 Exquisite Micheladas Every Mexican Should Know

Types of Micheladas with gummies in the shape of pandas.

For the heat, for the sadness, for better or for worse. Make yourself a beer like there's no tomorrow!

Did you know that there are several types of micheladas? I bet you didn't know all of them.

The 6 Types of Mexican's Favorite Micheladas


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It is a mystery how this drink was born in Mexico. It basically consists of adding your favorite gummies to the michelada and two tablespoons of tamarind. Sugar makes alcohol process faster and make you "happy" in less time.

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I love them with the classic fruit gummies that, for some reason, are super famous in Mexico. You find them literally on every corner of the city, with those gentlemen of the carts.

And if you want to get even more creative, you can make a skewer of gummies, drizzle them with chamoy like sauce and put them on top of the beer. Just seeing them will make your mouth water.

A La Cherry

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Very few know this type of michelada. It can be somewhat addictive, although it is one of the most "loving", as it is filled with cherries. A difficult fruit to get.

Cherries contrast the flavor of dark beer, thanks to their acidity, with the sweet flavor that characterizes them. In addition, they are an excellent way to "pop" the beer to savor it little by little.

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They can also be covered with chamoy or you can simply add them inside the loggerhead in the shape of a mountain.

Original Micheladas

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Many of us know the traditional michelada. But few know of the origin of this drink. The micheladas are attributed to a certain Don "Michel" in San Luis Potosí, who during the 70's asked for a beer lemonade inside a club. Then other diners asked for their drink as "Michel's", and that's how the name was born.

Today, Mexicans prepare micheladas depending on their region.

If you order a michelada in a restaurant in the coastal area of Mexico, you will see that it will be prepared Cuban style (with Maggie, English sauce, Tabasco, chili pepper, lemon and salt).

Cuban artist Celia Cruz sings her iconic phrase sugar.

While in the cities they prepare them only with lemon and salt (also called cheladas).

It will depend on where you are to order this typical michelada. Although the truth is, once you try the Cuban-style michelada, there is no going back. It will be a sea of addiction for your palate.


An extraordinary way to prepare a Mexican michelada is by mixing beer with pulque!

Pulque is a drink obtained from the fermentation of maguey juice, it tastes delicious! In addition, it has nutritional benefits, since it contains protein, vitamin C and vitamin B2.

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Although be careful, not because it is something healthy means that you can not fart well.

La Chabelita

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This type of michelada is the most strawberry. It tastes a bit sweet but can be just as punchy.

Few know it, being that it is typical only in Jalisco. However, it is very easy to prepare and just as delicious as the others. Just find an apple soda, squeeze two lemons, frost with salt or chamoy, and you will have a real little girl!

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The favorite on Mexican beaches. It's like a cocktail, but with alcohol. To make it even more "coastal" you can add pieces of orange, clamato, lemon, salsa and pepper.

I know, I feel like it right now too. But I'll wait for when I go to the beach, so I can order a pair of these without any regrets.

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Now just choose your favorite among these types of Mexican micheladas and offer to the health of all those sad mortals, who are not Latino and who have never tried one of these.

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