The Reason North Korea Will Never Attack The United States

Ridiculous cartoon fight between Kim Jong Un (North Korea) and Donald Trump (United States)

The tension between these two nations continues to mount, but at the end of the day, it's a story.

Constant tensions between North Korea (North Korea) and the United States have existed since President Donald Trump came to the White House. But, in recent weeks the rumor of the start of an armed conflict between these two nations has spread, with the peculiarity that it could be the first war with nuclear weapons involved.

A nuclear bomb reflected in Kim Jung Un's glasses.

Could it be that there will be a Third World War? The most extreme think in a situation like this. In which they paint as the main rivals North Korea and the United States, against the rest of the world.

However, they are all rumors and a war between these two nations is highly unlikely. Why?

Second World War

They say that "you have to understand the past to know the present." So I'll tell you how the conflict between North Korea and the United States arose.

When Japan invaded the Korean peninsula in 1904, the USA remained passive throughout the fighting. A serious mistake that he later had to face during the Second World War because he had to attack a country with more territory and more allies than expected.

Back then world conditions were quite different and the United States was able to defeat them with one of the greatest massacres ever thought of: the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombs.

Nuclear bomb in Nagasaki.

With false promises of freedom, the Korea taken by the Japanese passed into the hands of the allies who literally divided the country like a piece of cake. Divided exactly in half on a magazine map, North Korea would be controlled by the Russians and South Korea by the United States.

Change of Power: North Korea vs USA

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In 1948 Russia left North Korea under the command of the Communist Party, whose leader was Kim-Il Sung, a man who followed Communist worker ideals but who started a strange cult in favor of himself and his image.

Meanwhile, the USA left South Korea in the hands of the conservative Syngman Rhee, who like Sung, named himself president of Korea… of all Korea! Then began (on both sides) a persecution, conflicts and executions but without ever invading the other side.

When the USA left South Korea, Stalin incited an invasion that almost won the entire territory. North American businessmen, concerned about the communist advance, pushed the United States to intervene again, invading the north side.

A chicken and a cat fight without crossing the line.

It was not until China stepped in and put both sides back as they had been after World War II: divided by a border at the 38th parallel. Too late because the Cold War had already started.

Who Threw The First Stone?

During the Vietnam War, the US planted just over 950 nuclear warheads to attack the North Korean regime at any time.

Although Russia and China refused to help North Korea create nuclear programs to defend itself, after the US move, they agreed to train nuclear physicists.

Homer Simpson playing with plutonium.

In 1994, Kim Jong-Il came to power, and North Korea decided to stop its nuclear research program to start foreign trade. In return, the US relaxed the economic embargo.

But the arrival of George Bush to the White House ended that peace, as Bush began to incite hatred against North Korea by calling him "The Axis of Evil."

Yzma from Emperor's New Groove turned into an evil kitten.

The New Supreme Leaders

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After the death of Kim Jong-Il, his son Kim Jong-Un came to power in North Korea. However, he found a country in famine, which could hardly trade food because of the embargoes and with a terribly unstable economy (like that of all communist countries after the capitalist victory).

With no other way out than armistice development, North Korea obtained food, supplies and international aid in exchange for lowering its military development. In large part, this was because the economic blockade left him no other way out.

This is how Kim Jong-Un allowed the entry of inspectors during the Barack Obama administration and relaxed some measures. All of that ended with the arrival of Donald Trump.

Will There Be a Third World War?

A fly swatter hits a hand trying to push a button to unleash bombs.

As you will notice, North Korea and the United States have been mired in conflict for years.

North Korea has tested different missiles lately, among which is the development of the famous intercontinental missile, which could hit the United States.

Although the USA does not have an effective 100% weapon to stop a missile of that caliber, its military power is infinitely greater than that of North Korea.

Kim jong un with little boy syndrome.

North Korea could attack the United States, but in return it would receive a 1,000 times greater attack (Donald Trump demonstrated this by sending "The Mother of All Bombs" in Afghanistan) and North Korea would hardly be exposed to that.

It's true, there may be an attack. But the most disastrous consequences would be in North Korea.

Kim Jong Un, portrayed as a cartoon, throws dynamite at South Korea.

Can it amount to World War? Not! Because other nations would have to intervene in the conflict and at this moment the main promoter of the embargoes, warning and attacks on North Korea is the United States.

The other countries remain (as America once did with Japan) in a relative state of passivity.

As an example is South Korea, a country accustomed to threats from its neighbors and whose most important analysts emphasize that everything is normal. Nothing unusual. It is common for tensions to begin between March and April of the following year to cool down as North Korea gets food.

What Really Happens

Trump, Kim Jong Un and Putin dancing.

Attention to this! Everything is actually the typical paranoia of the Western alarmist media (starting with the US).

If the armed conflict really wanted to be resolved, new ways would be found to avoid the rose between the two nations and their respective Supreme Leaders or simply, this conflict would have already broken out years ago. Not simply with military threats and displays of armistice power.

Kim Jong Un and his illusions.

Perhaps we are already in a second Cold War and we have not noticed it, but this is not the time to be overly alarmed. Remember, inform yourself in depth about the international situation before believing any news at 100%. Better to know!

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