Ideas De Decoración Gótica Para Una Quinceañera

Gothic Decoration Ideas For A Quinceanera

Some girls dream of a Barbie-style party. Others of us are like Merlina Addams.

Many girls love that gloomy side of life, in which nothing is totally perfect, nor does it aspire to be. We prefer a meeting that shows our deepest feelings, those that few would understand: melancholy and passion.

If you are one of mine and you are planning your XV years or some birthday party, you will love the following gothic decoration ideas. Choose your favorites.

For The Chupe

Let's start with the most important thing: the lollipop of the party. For toast time, decorate your champagne with a few blackberries or red berries. These will add a bitter and unique touch to the toast.

If your party is for all ages, an excellent option is hibiscus water. It should be served in small shots, glazed with chili pepper and lemon. The matter will seem bloody and, in addition, it is a quite rich drink.

You can have an option without alcohol and another with vodka, so that everyone is comfortable with the drink.

Shots for Halloween party.

Don't forget to ask for old (vintage) glasses and glasses to make your party look even more gothic.

And for those who love cocktails, there can't be anything more chic and spooky than a black Martini. Make it by mixing Stoli Vanil vodka with XO Pattern and dry ice.

Black martini.

But, waters! That this drink is very strong, remember that we are still mortals and we must survive drunkenness.


Some opt for the typical gothic skulls and paintings. I really like the most subtle and elegant details. For example, instead of black roses, you can go for some beautiful red roses, but instead of placing them as you normally would, just invert them, so that they are in the water. It is quite dramatic and poetic at the same time.

Inverted red roses in a vase for XV years party decoration.

Another way to decorate the Gothic style is with a still life. It is a cheap and simple option to liven up the tables.

Vriano style cannot be missing. Look for old chandeliers and artifacts in markets and houses of acquaintances. Anticipation is the key in this. Keep in mind the date of the XV years or party so you can collect your favorite accessories.

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Consider that not because it is a gothic party, everything has to be black. You can use beige, brown and others lighter.

Remember that Gothic art developed during the Middle Ages, just after Romantic art, which emphasized the importance of passions, emotions, and feelings. For this reason began a new social conflict associated with religion (good and evil). Well, the main characteristic of Gothic was the search for light in the darkness.

Kermit the Frog with fear.

Taking into account the above, for the tables, try to find the way in which darkness reigns. The glow should be dim or come from candles that barely illuminate the dinner. Think of your party as a work of art by Jan van Eyck (one of the best Gothic painters in Europe).

Plan all the details of your party in advance. From napkins to invitations. Research different types of art and painters. This way you will have more ideas and you will make your XV years party extraordinary.

Decoration for XV years Gothic style party.

The mass

Not everyone wants Mass for XV years, but if your family is Latino, surely they will not leave you alone until you get a space for Mass in a church. But this can be fun.

Morticia Addams having tea.

Look for churches ad hoc. That is, they have a Gothic or similar structure. This is the key so that everyone is left with their mouths open. For the churches represented the search for light at that time. Its elevated structure brought them closer to heaven and divine illumination.

Saint-Michel d'Aiguilhe Church located in France.


The best thing about being a quinceañera, and I tell you from experience, is choosing the dress. I'm not lying to you, at the end of the day there will be thousands of photos, on the cell phones of all the aunts, that will be in your family for generations. So choose wisely!

Don't make the mistake of wearing a dress that is too tight or low-cut. Believe me, you will regret it in the long run.

To go according to the Gothic decoration, the best thing you can do is choose a Victorian style dress. Besides being super stylish, they are classic and comfortable.

There are many styles, but you have to make sure that the quality of the fabric is good and has many details in the stitching, just like those of that time.

Gothic style XV years party dress.

You can even order it online at Mercado Libre, or look for clothing ideas at The Victorian House.

Remember to recommend in the invitation that everyone look for ideas and go as Victorian as possible. Even little girls look adorable! with this fashion.


For the invitations of your XV years, you can opt for dark and simple options, or something more characteristic of the Middle Ages. I love old calligraphy books from the time. An excellent option is to buy two or three very old and cheap books, and use those brown sheets to assemble the invitations.

You can also place them in mini jars and close them with string, so that they work as candles.

Look for phrases, authors and the elements that define you the most. Not only will they look unique, they will also be representative of your personality.

Gothic style XV years party invitations.

Dessert bar

Finally, you cannot miss the dessert. Dark macaroons are all the rage for the dessert bar.

But if you prefer something more original, you can offer something that seems poisoned, like these rich and scary apples covered in red caramel.

Candy covered apples.

Or a special punch where you add a fake hand inside.

Special punch for XV years gothic party.

You will see that your guests are going to love them!

Debbie Jellinsky from "Los Locos Addams" with a mean face.

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