Aprende A Crear Un Photo Booth Único Para Tu Fiesta

Learn How To Create A Unique Photo Booth For Your Party

It is no longer necessary to rent a typical photo booth. Immortalize your photos with these ideas.

Having a party is not just about putting on music and offering a good snack.

Mexicans dancing regional music with pointed boots.

Now you have to entertain the guests in a more dynamic way, the joke is always to innovate!

The most important thing is to preserve those beautiful memories. And what better than to do it through a photograph. Therefore, I will give you some original ideas to make a personalized Photo Booth, in the most economical and fun way.

1. Photo Backgrounds

It is not necessary that you pay large amounts of money to rent the typical photo booth for a few hours, you only need some elements that go according to the theme of your event and the collaboration of your guests.

Girlfriends at a wedding theme party.

You need to designate a space to create a stage or background. Of course, everything must go according to your event, be it outdoors or indoors, a wedding or a children's party. For example, if your party is vintage you could add some frames, some flowers and old furniture. Go for subdued, white colors.

Vintage photo booth.

If it is very Mexican, you can opt for papier-mâché backgrounds with colors such as green, yellow or Mexican pink.

2. Fun Accessories

These are very important, as they will create a much more fun environment in the portrait. They can be wigs, giant glasses, guitars or hats.

Don't forget to have props or printables, for example mustaches, dolls, or posters and signs with funny captions. Just make a pattern on the computer and print enough for your friends.

Accessories for photo booth, zebra head hat and giant glasses.

You can also add cardboard frames decorated by yourself.

Ideally, you should put all these accessories on a table so that your friends can choose what to use for the photo. The more comfortable they feel, the photos will be spectacular.

3. Dress Up Your Guests

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Another super original idea is to ask your guests to dress up in a particular theme. They don't have to invest a lot in it. In fact, they can choose a special color or a minimum of some garment in common and this will do that. This will make your party more meaningful and special.

4. Lighting

The place destined for the Photo Booth must have a very good lighting, either indoors or outdoors.

You will also require a photographer, you can invite that friend that we all have and who likes to take photos.

Old lady accidentally taking a selfie.

In the long run, you will see that it is worth investing in it, as the images will tell our stories for many generations!

5. A Little Latino

Photobooth with Mexican icons

And why not, everyone loves Latin themes, so consider one for your party. Frida Kahlo fascinates me, plus there are hundreds of options on Pinterest to choose from.

"Mexican" decoration for parties in the United States.

There are also other options such as characters from the Mexican Lottery- La Sirena, El Borracho, El Diablo. You choose!

Can make your own fighter masks to personalize your Photo Booth.

Girl wearing wrestler mask for Photobooth.
CREDIT: Kids Crafts

Print your favorite images and voila!

6. The Most Important!

What should not be missing for any reason should be the smiles, funny poses of your guests and, why not, that they make a fool of themselves. No long faces, that would ruin the photo series. To do this, you must create the perfect environment so that they feel part of the event and let the fun flow.

Beer mug mounted on a unicorn.

The great thing about making your cabin yourself is that it will be perfect for any type of party, birthdays, weddings, Christmas parties, etc. So don't think twice and consider these original ideas to make a Photo Booth at your next party!

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