5 Tendencias Hipster Que Debes Evitar A Todo Costo

5 Hipster Trends You Should Avoid At All Costs

Don't do it, out of mercy! Better wear original clothes that distinguish you and make you look like you deserve.

Fashion is a fairly open field that, just as it has proposed the greatest trends in the world, has also destroyed them. Such is the case with hipster fashion.

Some hipsters, from the movie Wayne's World, shaking their heads in the car.

While there was a time when men invented heels and powdered white wigs, current fashion has not stopped providing full encyclopedias of ridiculousness. So if you are a man, please never wear this hipster fashion!

The Mullet

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Kitch is the crème de la crème of hipster fashion.

Starting with the famous Mullet, that men's hair fashion trend 30 years ago that fortunately never returned to the catwalks.

So why do many insist on continuing to use it? The Mullet is that hideous hairstyle where the hair remains short on the top of the head and the rest long. In Mexico it is the microbusier hairstyle par excellence.

During the 80's it was seen in movies, music videos and television shows, ad nauseam! There are even aesthetics that old magazines continue to display with those terrible hairstyles for a casual cut!

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If the 80's inherited something, it was the bad taste for hairstyles and kitch fashion. Although, not because everyone does, we should follow the example. So if your hairdresser recommends a Mullet, get out of there and tell whoever you trust most.

The Electric Curl

I know it sounds like the name of a Mexican wrestling star, but it is the most hideous dyed hairstyle in history. It is something like the grandfather of the bad Californian highlights (those in which the discoloration went wrong and an immense line that divides the blonde from the chestnut is very marked).

It was exclusive to the boy bands of the 90's and involves having curly, short and sparkling blonde hair, combed up with a pint of gel. Now it has become a hipster trend, the kind that makes us want to go back to the 50's instead of continuing on this planet for now.

Justin Timberlake with his electric curl hair.

In fact, you'd think it's called electric because of the shade of blonde. But actually it's like you've been electrocuted and your hair loses its color. There is not much difference between this hairstyle and a cup ramen soup.

The Drop Crotch

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Fearful among the feared, terrible among the terrible. These pants were originally used in the Himalayas to withstand the cold. It suddenly took over the sunny streets of the fashion world.

Worn by rappers, models and celebrity stars, it is a half guango pants that we popularly know as "dropped pants" or "diaper". The one who put it in trend was Justin Bieber, and we could never get away from this again.

Very few Drop Crotch are worth using. But if you would love to have one, I recommend using it only to go to the gym or at 12 in the morning when no one sees you.

The Skinny Shirt

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There is no mirrey, or daddy who does not know her. Whether paired with black glasses or a casual beard, the low-cut shirt is not itself a garment, but a ridiculous way to wear a good shirt.

The steps are simple: wear a shirt and unbutton as many buttons as possible (but to achieve the effect there must be at least one button fastened huh!)

Many males use it to show off their pectorals, but this excruciating low-cut trend is a pretty kitch way to wear a good shirt. If you love this trend, at least cut your chest hair a little. Rather, avoid this horrible hipster trend!

Worst Of Hipster Fashion: Men's Rompers

Don't be fooled! This fashion for men's rompers commonly known as “Romphim” has gained momentum for this summer of 2017 and will be remembered as one of the most ridiculous in history.

It is a very strange article of clothing. To give you an idea, it is as if a romper and overalls have decided to have a child. That is a break.

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Made mainly in pastel tones, it reminds us of the old swimsuits of the Victorian era. That is, if yours is vintage fashion, maybe, just maybe, they are for you.

It is quite a misleading fashion as Reebok plans to launch a sports line and will call these outfits "ReeRomp". I don't know if the future of clothing awaited me ...

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It is necessary to see how it looks to give a final judgment; But unless you're on a porch listening to vitrola music, please don't wear adult rompers. Someday our biographers will know everything about us and will criticize us ad nauseam.

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