Only In Latin America These Things Happen

Clown Brozo showing that the strangest things in the world happen in Latin America.

All Latinos are witnesses that the strangest things in the world happen here.

For all those who, far from their country, end up missing it, I present to you this beautiful account of the strangest things in the world, which only happen in Latin American countries.

Everything Fits In A Little Jar

Any Latino knows that everything fits in a jar knowing how to accommodate it. So if you find a motorcycle with 20 ladies on top or a truck with washing machines, microwaves, stoves, refrigerators or some old iron that sells, it is completely normal.

van full of furniture

The Mexican Ingenio

On this side of the world laws are surrealistically violated. We know how to put a can of beer in a Coke, or change the plates to avoid authority, not to mention creating new inventions or technologies.

A man on a motorcycle showing his Mexican ingenuity.

Characters and Presidents to Cry

And if you wonder why are there so many marches in Latin America? It's because you don't know the kind of presidents we've had in these remote places. Did you think Donald Trump was an egocentric narcissist? You have no idea what kind of characters we have endured here ...

The Best Educational Method

Education has always been important to excel in Latin American countries (although generally those who leave with a doctorate or master's degree end up as drivers).

However, no one can deny that the famous “La Chancla” pedagogical method has resulted in high levels of effectiveness.

girl running with scared face

Surreal architecture

The buildings in Latin American countries look like something out of a Murakami tale. Well, there are doors or paths without any meaning.

And not to mention business. There are no limits for a Latino.

El Chapo workshop that specializes in escapes, showing Mexican ingenuity and bizarre things that only Latinos understand.

You can also stay in the rarest hotels in the world. As is the case with this hotel made with pure salt! In Uyuni, Bolivia.

hotel Palacio de Sal in Bolivia

Or the Casa Caracol in Isla Mujeres, Mexico. Where literally even the shower in the bathroom is made of shells. Do you think it's weird? Well, this is just the tip of the iceberg of all Latin infrastructure.

snail house in isla mujeres mexico

Made in Latin America

The weirdest things in the world are made in Latin America. In addition to the no-cheese quesadillas, another great bizarre job has been in the popular wholesale markets, which feature great examples of made products that surpass Chinese products. If not, ask in Peru for these super original characters.

So you know what He-Man looked like before anabolics.

he man monkey

And how to forget this great Harry Potter Obama backpack

harry potter obama backpack

Unmatched Therapies

And in the field of health, Cuba has always won us all around the world. But in Mexico, therapies have revolutionized society with high-level groups for all kinds of problems.

group addicted to an anonymous man

Journalists From Another World

The Latino media seem to be a magnet for curious and funny moments that you will not be able to see in other countries.

Perhaps because politicians provide plenty of material for any journalist. It would appear that the news is actually a form of comedy, or a Big Brother-like show.

There is also that beautiful image of Chilevisión, when a reporter had the wisdom to ask during the Chinese New Year of the Rabbit, how the year would be for us ... And when the bunny sees the kind of things that happen in Latin America it can ...

Innovative Dances Unmatched

Latinos have rumba blood without a doubt. And I'm not just talking about young ladies.

The truth is, I think that only in Latin American countries do we understand the value of all this. From mom's teachings with the flip-flop. From mocking politicians, joy in dancing, support in most needy situations and love for the family, above all else.

What is strange to you about Latinos?

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