Highlights of Paper, Pencil or Scissors? (2018)


Who would have imagined that going back to school could be so much fun.

Going back to school would have been doubly exciting if in my time there had been events with thousands of children who, like me, received their supplies and backpacks with as much enthusiasm as happened in Phoenix, Arizona.

Entrance to the event "Paper, Pencil or Scissors?", Organized by Segunda Mano La Revista.

On July 28, the now traditional Annual Back to School Fair was held "Paper, Pencil or Scissors?" This noble event is organized by Segunda Mano La Revista and Más Vale Saber. She intends to bring the entire community in Phoenix together to support her in this back to school, in a super fun environment for both parents and students.

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Children lining up to enter the event "Paper, Pencil or Scissors?" at the Metrocenter Mall.

The Metrocenter Mall was resurrected for the first time in a long time, as it was the meeting point for more than 3,800 attendees, between children and adults, who enjoyed the services and benefits of this successful event.

Desert Ford Dealers Donate Backpacks With School Supplies

Happy kids with backpacks donated by Desert Ford Dealers for back to school.

One of the most impressive aspects of "Paper, Pencil or Scissors?" was that all the students who attended received backpacks and supplies for free. All thanks to the title sponsor, Desert Ford Dealers. Each backpack included notebooks, pencils, rulers, folders, and crayons.

Kids with their Desert Ford Dealers sponsor backpack.

For those who missed the Desert Ford Dealers gifts, MetroPCS was there to give away their own backpacks. The truth is that the children were fascinated with the variety of activities and gifts for this back to school! Yes, gifts! (Children love gifts - and dads too).

Terros Health Offers Free Medical Services

Women in Terros Health medical tests.

As always in “Paper, Pencil or Scissors?”, Terros Health, along with the help of Native Health and the Phoenix Fire Department, were present to provide more than 749 medical services.

Family waiting for vaccines at the Paper Pencil or Scissors event?

  • Vaccines: 179
  • Blood pressure tests: 120
  • Dental check-ups: 109
  • Glucose tests: 105
  • HIV tests: 10
  • Eye exams: 43

Simply put, many children are more than healthy to go back to school.

Haircuts Sponsored By D'Image Bilingual Beauty College

D'Image Bilingual Beauty College cutting a child's hair.

As if that were not enough, the D'Image school was also present making sure that the boys looked handsome and the girls super cute for this back to school. In total 160 haircuts were made in just 4 hours!

Paw Patrol and PJ Masks Entertain The Kids

PJ Masks and the team at Centro Hispano de Bienes y Raíces.

No kid likes to wait in line, so the Centro Hispano de Bienes y Raices took on the task of inviting Marshall from Paw Patrol and PJ Masks to entertain the kids. Happy children, happy mothers!

Pictures For Memories

A photograph of a family sponsored by PLS Financial.

It is worth mentioning that PLS Financial Services made a show of giving backpacks, bags, gifts and even families had the opportunity to take photos to remember this beautiful moment thanks to this sponsor.

Cotton Candy, Popcorn and Face Paint

Child painting his face during the Annual Back to School Fair “Paper, Pencil or Scissors?

While parents received information to buy or sell their home, American Traditions Realty was painting the children's faces and giving away cotton and popcorn. Yum!

Special thanks

Smiling child before back to school.

Thanks to the support of the sponsors, the children received many gifts while the parents obtained tips and advice on legal, educational, real estate, health, financial issues, among many others.

Some sponsors, such as Midway Nissan, Prosmart Realty (Team Lozada) and Synergy Spine and Sports, also gave away bikes, gift cards and even a television.

Children receiving gifts.

Finally, a special thanks to Tigre Toño for helping with the preparation of the event. And, of course, to the volunteers and employees who, with their professionalism, time and goodwill, made many people get more than just a big smile during "Paper, Pencil or Scissors?" 2018.

Second-Hand Personnel and Better to Know at the event Paper, Pencil or Scissors? 2018.

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