5 Tributes To Juan Gabriel That You Can't Miss

Young Juan Gabriel with flowers in the background.

"Tell me when you, tell me when you, tell me when are you coming back ...."

This August 28 will celebrate the first death anniversary of Juan Gabriel. I know, it's like an eternity has passed.

Photo worthy of Juan Gabriel in black and white.

We miss him so badly. And is that the world would not be the same if the star of Juárez had not been part of the Latin musical repertoire. This is why during its anniversary, several artists will pay tribute to Juan Gabriel, as it has never been seen before.

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Totally Juan Gabriel (Volume II)

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Aida Cuevas, who was the winner of a Latin Grammy for the album "De Corazón a Corazón", will release a new album with songs by Juan Gabriel recorded with mariachi. Some of these songs, he assures, are unpublished.

The artist said that, unfortunately, Mexican music has lost a lot of “boom”. His desire is to inspire new generations through his songs and his tribute to Juan Ga.

Juan Gabriel singing inspiring music.

The album «Totalmente Juan Gabriel. Volume II ”, will include some of the 63 songs that Divo de Juárez gave him.

It should be noted that she had known Juan Ga since she was 19 years old. In fact, on several occasions she has told the media that the Divo de Juárez has always been the artist who has inspired her the most. So we will eagerly wait to see how this album will turn out.

Juan Gabriel and I

We all know that the life of Juan Gabriel could be written as a Televisa mega novel. His career was full of as many interesting elements as the negative criticism he received for serenading the president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro. How about the problems you had with your inheritance? There are also the debts of which he is accused, his partner 25 years older than him, among other issues.

As if that were not enough, there is also the biography that his manager, Joaquín Muñoz, wrote 30 years ago, which caused a great scandal that resulted in a fight between the two.

Juan Gabriel sings angrily.

Now, a year after the death of Juan Ga, Muñoz intends to release the second part of the book "Juan Gabriel y Yo". Which will narrate in depth the relationship between the two.

Apparently, there is still much we do not know about him and we are dying to know, down to the last detail!

The City Of Juarez

The City of Juárez has been marked by a shadow due to the murders, femicides and its poverty. However, that's where Alberto Aguilera Valadez was born, who would later become known as “El Divo de Juárez” and the one who would move the entire world after his death.

That is why this Sunday, August 27, will be held in this city, the tribute to the first death anniversary of Juan Gabriel. And it will be the greatest of all.

Juan Gabriel dances sensually.

The city government has already launched the call. Several artists want to be part of the cast for this celebration. War bands, dance groups, stilt walkers and many others will participate.

It should be noted that Juan Ga himself asked that his ashes be placed in the fireplace of his house in Juárez. Because of this, many people visit this site to learn a little more about the origin of this artist.

International Taxes

Not only do we miss him in Mexico, but also artists like Pedro Iglesias, who is called El Juan Gabriel Peruano, will pay tribute this Saturday, August 26 at the Embassy Convention Center, in Peru.

The impersonator said it will be a unique event with several surprises to remember the greatest artist in Latin America. For this he invited fellow artists such as Mario Martel, impersonator of Leo Dan, the impersonator of Lucho Barrios and Sandra Cárdenas.

Juan Gabriel with emotional mariachi.

On the other hand, there is Diego Cigala himself. The famous tango singer will pay tribute to all of Mexico in his next project. His new album will be called "Cigala Canta a México", which will include a song by Juan Gabriel, among other artists of his time. For those of us who are fans, we know it will be worth the wait.

Shaila Durcal

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Finally, this tribute could not be missed. On August 26, at the Plaza Theater, in El Paso, Texas, the Ciudad Juárez Youth Symphony (about 40 young people) under the direction of Maestro Guillermo Quezada, will be in charge of opening the concert entitled: 'Remembering Juan a Año After'.

Juan Gabriel takes a dramatic pause.

Shaila, the daughter of Rocio Dúrcal and nominee of the Latin Grammys, will do a tribute for Juan Gabriel accompanied by an incredible mariachi!

In fact, the Divo died on the very day of his birthday. Something that she narrates as a melancholic day. He commented that at least now Juan Gabriel will be singing from heaven together with his mother. As we all know, the performances of this duet were to turn our skin on.

Now his daughter will be the one who will pay tribute to both. And it will be recorded for history.

It is a pity that we will never be able to see and hear Juan Gabriel live again. Although now we have the new generations and the beautiful memory of their melodies, after their first mourning anniversary.

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For now, we can remember him through his song "Juárez Es El Número Uno", whose lyrics highlight his career and his Mexican pride.

"CD. Juárez is a love

and the border where God must live

Juarez may he live forever, may his history live

that have given him glory

long live its people. "

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