On the beaches of Tijuana, there are seas that unite us

People cleaning the beaches of Tijuana.

On this occasion, the Tijuana wall did not prevent Mexicans and Americans from coming together for a common good.

It is good to know that both Mexicans and Americans are willing to come together and work together to protect the environment. For something one starts.

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The reason is very simple. Pollution is a situation that affects EVERYONE.

Clean beaches

It is so important to keep the beaches clean, as the garbage that remains is washed into the sea by the air or the rain. This harms marine life.

The oceans are the great ecosystem of the planet and the one that, unfortunately, we neglect the most. Recently, the seas and oceans are becoming the world's great garbage dumps, as a large amount of plastics are concentrated there.

The 80% of pollution of the seas and oceans comes out of land activities! That is why we must take actions to mitigate this damage.

Mexico and USA United For The Beaches Of Tijuana

Fortunately, not everyone follows Trump's anti-Mexican discourse and there are many souls who are aware that caring for Mexican beaches is a priority.

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For example, within the framework of World Environment Day, which was celebrated on June 5, more than 130 Mexican and American volunteers gathered on the beaches of Tijuana to collect cigarette butts, plastic bottles, disposable plates, wrappers. of junk food and other waste that seriously affect the flora and fauna of this region.

The foregoing, under the “Clean Seas” campaign launched by the United Nations Environment Program. This plan was signed by the Imperial Beach and Tijuana governments. Both cities pledged to work as FRIENDS to combat the pollution of Tijuana's beaches.

This program not only benefits the coastal communities of Rosarito and Playas de Tijuana; also to local and international visitors and users of the sea. An action as small as this has a very large impact and worldwide.

Let's save the beach

Every six months, an association under the "Save the Beach" program carries out cleaning work on the beaches of Tijuana, with the support of volunteers from both sides of the border.

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Among the achievements of this association, the citizen initiative that links more than 1,500 people from the 10 border states on both sides of the border to talk about environmental issues stands out.

They know that unity is strength.

Kilometer One

On the other hand, there are these surfers who, with the sole desire to keep the waves clean, carry out garbage collection campaigns on the beaches.

Boys from Kilometer One protect and enjoy the beach.

Kilometer One is a non-profit organization made up of four young people. On the last Saturday of every month, they summon and gather volunteers to clean up the beaches.

In one day they manage to collect up to 100 bundles of garbage!

Young Mexicans and Americans clean the beaches of Tijuana together.

These are just some of the campaigns that help keep the border's beaches clean. An action that unites Mexicans and Americans. But above all, it benefits the marine life of the planet.

How nice is nice! Don't you think I hope these projects continue and that they get bigger every day. Thus demonstrating that all Mexicans and Americans can unite regardless of walls, geographical limits or nationalities.

Ah… A favor! The next time you visit a beach, take all your trash with you, no matter how small.

Great clean in Tijuana beaches.

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