Looks Geniales Para Niños Con Estilo

Cool Looks For Kids With Style

Forget the short cap, try these cuts for your little ones.

Children are a real sweetheart, but before they reach adolescence and want to make their own decisions, you can make them, in addition to being angelic, look very cool with these haircuts for boys.

Cool boy.

Fashion is not at odds with age, and we know that there are stylish kids who would love a more daring or personal look.

1. Stripes and Shapes

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One of the haircuts for boys that is very fashionable is the one that includes some frets or stripes. To achieve this, it is important to go to a barber shop, because usually they first have to shave the lower part of the head and then make the figures with a razor. Don't worry, it's not dangerous at all! The experts will be able to give you suggestions on the shapes or stripes that best suit your little one.

Haircut for a shaved and handsome boy.

2. Surfer

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If what your child likes is the sea or water activities, the surfer cut is the right one for him. A little long in front and faded to the side. Don't worry if the sun, the salt from the sea or the chlorine from the pools will discolor it a bit, it will look incredible! And very ad hoc in its style.

Batman surfing.

3. Rockeron

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If music runs through your veins, you'll love this cut. In barbershops or aesthetics they call it Mohican. It consists of cutting the sides and leaving a longer strip of hair in the middle. It does not have to be short, the length can vary. Kids with more attitude are cool!

angry girl waving a brush saying no

4. Popero

There are those who like rock and other little ones who like the opposite, pop. It is a matter of taste. If your son is one of these, the ideal cut for him is a little elongated, faded and disheveled. The latter is the key, to always have it carefree. Use some styling wax to keep it tousled.

child of the millennial generation.

5. Mirrey

Kids with mirrey style are special. Not everyone can wear this kid's cut. But if your son is one of those who doesn't hang out with the mob, he'll fit the bill. It consists of a long fringe, paraded and marked to one side. While the rest of the hair was a little shorter.

You can comb it back with wax, just like David Beckham. Or just mold it to the side for a more natural outfit.

Luis Miguel is ambivalent.

6. Hipster

Another of the haircuts for children and young people is this. It's super cool to see a kid with this look. It consists of something like the mohawk, but the center fringe is wider and the hair is much longer so that it can be combed to the side.

Hipster style for little kids.

You can even keep the length until it can be made into a bun.

Remember that any of the haircuts for boys that you choose, must be complemented with a natural outfit, but, above all, that represents the personality of your child.

A boy smiling.

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