Nueva Música Ranchera: Exclusive Interview With Iván Tavares

New album by Ivan Tavares, singer-songwriter of regional Mexican music, son of Juan Tavares from Grupo Liberación.

This album will touch your pure heart.

When I was a child, I used to wear rancherita hats and sing “Límite” songs at full volume, as if I knew what it is to be angry at my short 7 years.

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Now that I listen to rancheras, with more years of experience, I understand much better what this musical genre is about. And it is that these types of songs touch our pure hearts.

Today, this music has evolved and new talents have emerged that leave us speechless. Such is the case of Iván Tavares, son of the great singer Juan Tavares of Grupo Liberación.

I recently had the opportunity to interview him regarding the release of his new album. You can not lose this!

Exclusive Interview With Iván Tavares

Más Vale Saber (MVS): What is your new album inspired by?

Iván Tavares (IT): He was inspired by different experiences throughout my life. Throughout the album there are stories or moments that I lived and that not only I lived, but that have happened to everyone.

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We have all loved, cheated, cried ... and, precisely, my album expresses all that. In fact, one of the songs on the album is based on a relationship that broke my heart.

MVS: What is the difference with the previous album?

IT: On the previous album I just provided my voice. Musically speaking, this album is different because I believe everything, from the instrumental arrangements to the lyrics.

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MVS: What emotion would you like your fans to receive with your new album?

IT: My album still has no title. I'm going to ask my fans to help me name it so that they will feel and be part of my experience as an artist.

I would like my fans to be able to identify with my music. I want it to reach their hearts, in the same way that it reaches me. That they feel the music deep inside them, that they want to dedicate it to another person. And may my music be the one dedicated to happy times and sad times, at weddings, at fifteen years.

MVS: What made you enter this genre of music?

IT: I wanted to follow the example of my father, Juan Tavares, vocalist of Grupo Liberación. He was my biggest inspiration as an artist and as a person. It taught me to keep my feet firmly on the ground and to respect my followers as well as those who don't follow me.

MVS: Why do you think ranchera music has been so successful, even in countries like the USA whose culture is very different from that of Mexico?

IT: Mexicans love this music because they are songs from stories that we have all lived and people can identify with. Listening to music is a very personal and intimate experience. Although the culture is different from that of the United States, one's stories remain the same, we take our stories to all parts of the world.

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MVS: Did you or do you have any idols with whom you would like to do a duet soon?

IT: Sure! I would love to do a duet with Liberación. Right now we have nothing established, but that is one of my dreams.

MVS: What is your greatest wish or goal for the future?

IT: I would like to visit places that I have not visited so that my music reaches more people. I want to create many records, including one of Christian music. 10 years ago I had a stroke and by a miraculous act is that I am here today. I know that many people have gone through similar experiences and I want them to feel as grateful and blessed through my music as I am.

A Singer Who Breaks Hearts

Iván Tavares has something that not every singer in a band has. And it is that besides singing and playing instruments like the accordion, drums and bass, it is quite attractive! and charismatic.

His most famous single "Quisiera Ser" reached thousands of people and touches the most delicate nerves of the heart. The one I like is the one about "Why Don't You Tell Him". I think that any resemblance in the lyrics of these songs to reality is pure chance.

It is also inevitable to mention that you should not miss the duet of this character with his beloved father, Juan Tavares, "Two Men and One Destiny." I think it's much better to listen to this guy than to listen to songs like “Felices Los Cuatro” by Maluma. Don't you think

Perhaps it is something that only we Mexicans understand. And the thing is that with a good bottle of tequila and some good ranchero rolls, you can take out that "macho" Mexican that we all carry inside.

Make sure to follow Iván Tavares on Twitter for more information on his new album.

Remember that you can also propose songs for the name of the new Ivan Tavares album! Just think about your last love relationship and you will surely find inspiration, plenty of it! for an album of rancheras.

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