Para Situaciones Perronas, Llama A Este Psicólogo

For Bad Situations, Call This Psychologist

Turns out, we're not the only ones with problems.

When we thought that the dog baths at home and the veterinary on wheels were more than enough, the canine spa and the first artistic exhibition for dogs arrived. Unusual among the unusual, unreal among the unreal. 2016 showed us that in first world countries, animals have serious problems that must be solved with hotels and museums.

Dog lying on an armchair playing cat with the dog psychologist.

We live in a society that prefers having dogs to having children and, let's face it, dogs are not going to make us suffer during their adolescence. However, animal lovers have gone to absurd extremes. Thus was born the psychologist for dogs.

Contrary to what you imagine, the canine psychologist will not put the dog in an armchair to listen to his life problems or in this case, his "woof woof." "Dog psychologist" is actually a fancy term for dog trainer. Only with this new word, the owners are already politically correct when it comes to animal rights. On the other hand, coaches can charge more.

Dog growling at Bart Simpson.

The end came from the hand of the famous "Dog Whisperer", César Millán. It must be recognized that there is an important difference between the coach and the psychologist (beyond grammar). While the trainer trains the dog to do tricks and please the owner, the psychologist trains the owner to please the dog to do tricks. Canine psychologists seek the welfare of the animal in such a way that it can be reflected in a calm dog and a happy owner. Everyone wins!

The dog psychologist was born to correct excessive barking, aggressive dogs, destructive dogs, hyperactive dogs or shy dogs. Beyond keeping them quiet with a word, your job is to solve the root problem. It is worth mentioning that most of these problems originate from overprotective owners, owners without authority or owners who forget that the dog is a dog and not a person.

Barking dog.

The costs usually vary depending on the service, the more stupid the owner, the more expensive it will be.

In this way, the dog psychologist joins the spa, hotel, aircraft, taxi and museum services that offer services exclusively for pets. But in reality they please a group of eccentric people who either love their pets excessively, or have so much money that they do not know what to spend it on. So if you are looking for a canine psychologist service because your puppy has problems, first think about who is the problem?

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