What Kind Of Taco Are You?

Different options of traditional Mexican tacos to decide what type of taco you are.

Your personality is directly proportional to the taco you eat.

In the world there are magical arts capable of predicting the future through cups of coffee and hand reading; However, tachomance is an ancient art that reveals your present from the cue that you most crave.

Trompo de carne al pastor in a traditional Mexican snacks business.

What Kind Of Taco Are You?

Basket Taco

You are a humble person but your future does not look very promising. Like the taco, you are soft on the outside and hard on the inside. So sometimes you get carried away by people, and if you make mistakes, you have a lot of resentment in your soul. Don't sweat too much for others and start thinking about yourself.

Your mantra is: 100 tacos for 100 pesos.

Golden taco

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You are a person of cache, popof, of the high, and you like tacos on a porcelain plate and with a clean napkin to grab (don't pretend, the first time you ate a taco it was with cutlery). And although you are tough on the outside, you have a good heart ... full of cholesterol, but good.

Your lucky item is: Another napkin to remove the grease ...

Taco Drowned

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If there is someone more conservative and closed than you, surely he works in a convent. And I'm not saying it because this taquito was born in Guadalajara, the mocha, that's pure coincidence. Even though you believe in white supremacy and you feel like you've fallen from the sky, your omelette is drowned and you have guilty tastes that give you away. Accept it, the changes are good, open your heart and not just the shirt.

Your magic stone: Gold (and better if it comes in bills).

Taco Al Pastor

I have not been able to find authentic #tacoalpastor cooked like this outside of #Mexico.

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Your aura (or omelette as we Tacomancians call it) is spiritually balanced with the world. You can surround yourself with high-status places as well as the most humble places, all in order to seek your well-being. You admire the mastery of the good taquero who makes the pineapple jump and you live with the animals inside your belly. Although be careful, that well-being has already caused you gastritis, diarrhea and vomiting on more than one occasion.

Your lucky phrase: With coriander, onion and pineapple.

Barbecue Taco

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The taco (or taquero) sensei, unlike others, must prepare hard to achieve the perfect barbecue. But you are just the opposite, lazy among the lazy and inactive among the inactive. You prefer to be presented with the dish ready only to add lemon (let's say that in the horoscope it is a kind of Gemini). These types of people end up receiving pantries in exchange for voting, and they criticize others but do not like to be criticized. Don't be so lazy anymore.

Your mantra is: Well stocked with favor.

Carnitas Taco

You love to be contrary to everyone, you are one of those who when you get to the taco atmosphere you sit in front of the taco's pig's head to eat. No matter what people think or if you agree internally, you always do your best to disagree. Your role in this world is to be to balance it.

The advice for your prosperous future: Never marry a vegan.

Salt Taco

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If you thought those who like golden tacos are pedantic, they have never messed with you. The salt taco lover is, above all, picky. He is the type that takes the pepperoni off the pizza and eats them apart. At the smallest detail you stop eating, but what happens is that you are afraid of things. Open yourself more to the world and leave that salty interior behind.

Your worst nightmare: The hair in the omelette.

Surprising isn't it? Now share with your friends to see what kind of taco they are.

Variety of tacos prepared with vegetables and sauce to define what type of tacos you are.

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