Palmistry, The Art of Hand Reading Learn How!

Palmistry, the art of reading the hand.

Do you want to know what fate has in store for you? The answers are in the palm of your hands.

Knowing the future is one of the things that most of us are intrigued by. For this, there is a practice that can help us a little to know what destiny has in store for us: palmistry, the art of reading the hand.

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This practice is actually a very ancient form of divination. Not only does it help us to know the future, but it also allows us to know what a person feels or thinks, what they are like, what their fears are and even their deepest secrets.

Palmistry, the art of reading the hand.

Although, like any esoteric practice, palmistry takes many different forms and can be very complex. For this reason, it is known as the art of hand reading. It is worth mentioning that this activity analyzes several aspects: the lines of the hand, the size of the hands, the length and proportions of the fingers, etc.

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But if you want to start learning how to read the hand, read on!

Hand Lines

To begin with, you should know that many people tend to look only at the left hand. However, it doesn't matter which palm you use first, ideally you should read both. Well, both the right hand and the left talk about different things.

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If you look at the palm of your hand, you will notice that there are several lines on it, some more marked or longer than others ... In such a way that, to know how to read the hand, it is essential to distinguish and interpret the details of these lines, it is the most elementary of palmistry.

Line of life

Line of life.

One of the main lines of the hand. It starts between the thumb and index finger and works downward. It reflects physical health, good or bad, the journey in life and defines experiences and vitality.

  • A line near the thumb indicates chronic fatigue or stress.
  • A long, deep and curved line indicates a healthy and vigorous life.
  • A short line reveals a person insecure and highly manipulative.
  • A narrow, straight line at the end of the palm means that you stay out of relationships and are very cautious.
  • A line that forms a half circle indicates passion and strength.
  • More than one line indicates a positive force or vitality around you.
  • If there is a break, it means that there is a sudden change in life.

Head Line

Head line.

This line represents mental things: intelligence, intuition, willpower and it can even show how you react to different situations.

  • A curved line highlights a person's creativity.
  • If the life line separates from the head line, it means that you are adventurous and very enthusiastic.
  • A straight line indicates more logical, practical, and realistic thinking.

Heart Line

Heart line

It can reveal how you handle your emotions and how you approach matters of the heart, whether it is with an important person such as a partner, a friend, or a member of your family.

Since human emotions are so complicated, this line has many points to consider.

  • If this line starts just below the index finger, then you are satisfied with your love life.
  • If the line starts just below the middle finger, this means that you have a materialistic and selfish view of love.
  • If the line starts between the middle and index fingers, this means that you fall in love too easily.
  • A short straight line indicates a lack of interest in romance as well as sexual desire.
  • A line pointing down and touching the life line means that it is easy to break your heart.
  • A curvy line means that you freely express your emotions.
  • A line that is parallel (to the head line) and straight, means that you have good control over your emotions.
Palmistry and hand lines

This is the most basic thing you must know to start reading the hand and it is one of the most important aspects in palmistry. Now you can start practicing!

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