Eliminate Wrinkles and Make You Look Young Again With This Product

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The fountain of youth is already bottled.

When we talk about gold, luxury products come to mind that you use more on a whim than out of necessity. We all have the idea that gold is more of a publicity hook than a really effective ingredient on the skin. But you know what? Actually, gold has anti-aging properties and improves hydration. And this is where the incredible wrinkle oil comes in: Farsali Rose Gold Elixir.

This wonderful "rose gold" is a hydrating oil for daily use. It has been developed by a team of scientists determined to find the fountain of eternal youth. And I, of course, I sign up for everything that is youth. Rose Gold Elixir is the wrinkle oil that can help all women in the world to look their best!

Rose Gold Elixir Of Farsali

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It is a light moisturizing product with powerful anti-aging effects and is the ideal product to use during the day and before makeup. Its main ingredient is the oil of the rosehip seed. This wonderful flower helps to regenerate tissue and reduce the formation of fine lines, hyperpigmentation and stretch marks. The oil from its seed is composed of a 77% of fatty acids and has large amounts of linoleic, linolenic, vitamin C and vitamin A (retinol), all of them essential for skin health. Also, 77 is my lucky number and it has never failed me.

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The liquid is very easy to disperse because the gold is already included in the formula. It does not leave you effects like glitter or anything like that. The golden pigments neutralize dull skin and give an incredibly hydrated, almost juicy finish! It will help you to blur wrinkles and all the small imperfections you have. They will be like small mirrors that will reflect light in all directions ... You will love them!

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The only thing you have to take into account is some type of allergy that could cause irritation or inflammation, although honestly, I still do not know the woman who has an allergy to gold or diamonds!

Oil Uses


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The Rose Gold Elixir can be used as a hydrating base before applying makeup to help it last longer.

Use As Base

Use 2-3 drops of the Farsali oil to mix with your favorite makeup base. This combination will keep your skin hydrated and radiant. I recommend a matte base!

Get A Glossy Finish

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Put a dab of your foundation on your skin, then apply 1-2 drops of the wrinkle oil to a damp sponge to blend it. It will provide a fantastic glossy finish!

Revitalize Your Look

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If the skin of your eyes is dry and they need super hydration, here is the solution. Apply concealer under the eyes, followed by the contour cream. Then apply 2 drops of this golden elixir on a damp sponge and mix with gentle movements. See that amazing golden glow?

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