What If Gandhi Were Mexican?

What If Gandhi Were Mexican?

They say that India and Mexico are two drops of water. But we still have a lot to learn Latinos.

India and Mexico have similar stories. Many have said that both countries are like two drops of water, because they share certain ideologies. From the importance of marriage, human warmth, how emotional we are as a family and the enormous cultural richness that characterizes us.

However, there is still much that Mexicans can learn.

6 Examples Of Gandhi's Emotional Intelligence

1. Respect the Other

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Usually, Mexicans bring out the worst in us when we are in bad shape. Sometimes we are not even angry when we swear and we even remind her dearest mother to whom she does something that we do not think. It seems to be a contest of who has the most flowery language.

Mexican boy saying that I feel like it.

The 80% of Mexicans considers that they have not been respected because of their customs or culture. Lack of respect generates violence in response. Thus a vicious circle is formed that has no end. You tell him, he or she responds, you defend yourself, they defend themselves ...

Faced with a situation like this, Gandhi always acted with love and compassion towards everyone, no matter where they came from.

The truth is that it would be hard for me to find respectful people in the city. You imagine? That they give you the step while you walk down the street, that they do not throw the garbage, that they do not taste you in the subway. In short, the possibilities are endless, if only we applied the thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi.

2. Self-sufficiency

Gandhi motivating for the economic independence of India

Regarding Gandhi's emotional intelligence, we can also highlight that he motivated people in India to produce their own garments or artifacts. In this way, they took power away from the British crown that dominated them.

We Mexicans should do the same. We could buy Mexican products and support small businesses and workers who do everything possible to get ahead.

Workers support AB 450 law in a march where they raise a banner that says "we are not criminals, we are workers."

Due to globalization, it is very difficult to distinguish which types of companies are local and which are foreign. Or that local brands position themselves in supermarkets.

You can search brands and companies in Mexico how Oni and Maka, whose products are handmade and sustainable. You can also check our list of Mexican 100% cosmetics.

3. Never Give Up

Thanks to an effort that lasted almost 55 years, India achieved its independence. And, furthermore, they did it peacefully. On the other hand, Mexico claims to have become independent, when we clearly follow the interests of external governments.

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Through his emotional intelligence, Gandhi showed his people that it is necessary to be consistent with goals, that is, never give up in the face of any adversity. Well, throwing in the towel never helps anyone. So we Mexicans must learn this from him and not just say, as we usually do, "It was already worth corn ..."

4. Solid Arguments

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For more than 20 years, Gandhi studied the civil rights of various countries, gathering knowledge to help others. We must study and see what we can do for the world, not stand idly by.

Latinos have a bad habit of expressing opinions with the information that our grandmother gave us. The truth is that it is very difficult for me not to argue with a “wise” saying, like the kind that only Latinos understand.

However, you have to read and find fundamentals on any subject. Only then can we move forward as a society.

5. Don't Be Selfish

gandhi supporting other people

After vindicating the Indian economy, Gandhi appeared in English factories to apologize for the unemployment that was generated in Manchester. This not only caused great respect for this character, it also fostered foreign relations, achieving empathy with other governments.

That is, even if someone hurts you, you have to forgive and be sensitive. Nothing about reminding him of his mother.

6. Be Patient

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Finally, something that we can learn from the wisdom and emotions of this man are the incredible things that can be achieved with patience as a virtue. For many years, Gandhi had to face constant criticism and was sent to jail for pursuing his dream of freedom.

And well, remember that the world is not a contest to see who is a better person. Gandhi was not perfect, there are many rumors about his sexual behavior and his way of approaching women. However, you have to learn the good in people and avoid imitating the bad. Only then can we improve as people.

Mexican Mariachi says yes.
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We must value ourselves, respect ourselves, above all, act with emotional intelligence and remember that as a Latino community we are extraordinary!

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